1.5 inches of hair growth in less than 4 months?!

So I was, dare I say, pleasantly surprised when I got my hair straightened last month in April.

My bi-annual press-out!

How did...wait, when did my hair grow so long since early December?! I am very analytical when it comes to these things, so I analyzed my hair routine, my diet, as well as other factors in my life in the last four months leading up to this spurt in hair growth. I also took into consideration that it might just be how my hair was pressed in December vs. April.

I mean how did it get down my back in April [left picture] and hovering at the tops of my shoulders in December [right picture]? I thought of some possibilities.

Contributing Factors to Hair Growth

  1. My Diet. It has not changed much, but I made an effort to eat a lot more leafy greens and also foods/drinks rich in selenium and silicas i.e. Natto (fermented soy beans - warning: funky smelling!) and Oatstraw and Nettle Tea. I also occasionally tried to juice about once or twice a month when I had the time and resources.
  2. Protective Styling. My hair routine consists of putting my hair up in crochet braids every other month. On my month's off I wear my hair naturally and in twists or curly twists outs or even in an afro for about four weeks before I put it up in crochet braids again for 6-7 weeks. 
  3. Sleep. I try to sleep almost 8-9 hours a night - it is my body's preference but I know people who sleep 5 hours and are totally fine! I have also been going to bed at 10pm (to wake up at 6am) and I did read somewhere that you should try to also get to sleep at or before 10/11pm because that is during the period your body rejuvenates your hair, skin and nails.
  4. Care. I try to care for my hair as much as possible without it getting in the way of my daily life and schedule. So that usually includes deep conditioning it before and after getting crochet braids and keeping it well oiled while it is in crochet braids. Every hair type is different but for my dry 4a/4b tresses, I try to keep it as moisturized as possible especially when I am swimming often. 

Because I love a balanced perspective, I also thought of some other considerations when I assessed my hair growth


  • It is very possible that my beautician just flat ironed my hair straighter than my previous beautician, giving it more length than before
  • No Bump! My beautician this time didn't bump it as much I usually get it done because she said I didn't really need it 
  • Apparently I had a lot of split ends last time in December that were chopped away but this time my beautician said she only had to lightly trim the ends
  • The staying power of the Mizani products, is absolutely amazing and I wholeheartedly recommend it to women who don't press their hair often but don't want their hair to revert back after spending $100 getting it done. It does have a propensity to change the curl pattern after excessive use but the serum is really what gives the straightness, shine, and resilience to the elements.