7 Things I can't live without for my natural hair and crochet braids

I was reflecting recently what products and items I just love to use to help manage, mold, moisturize, protect my hair while in its natural state and also in crochet braids. I am so attached to these seven things that if I forget one when I am on vacation or even going to the shower room after swim practice, it irks the hell out of me!!

Coconut Oil

Everyone loves to wax lyrical about Coconut Oil and for good reason! It is one of the best protectors of hair when adding heat (I use it to blow dry before getting my crochet braids cornrows in). It is wonderful as a pre-poo (pre-shampoo) treatment - I frequently use it to comb and detangle my hair before jumping in to wash it in the shower. Lastly and probably most importantly for my lifestyle, it is a great pre-pool treatment to protect your hair from chlorine.

Shampoo Net

Go to your local beauty supply and buy one of these cheap nets to help protect your crochet braids curl and your natural hair styles. It helps extend the lifetime of all your styles, especially if you frequently wash your hair because you have an active lifestyle. 

Seamless Detangler Comb

This is definitely an item that if it is not readily available, I will just wait until I get home to use it. What's great about a seamless comb is that it prevents any micro snags or tears that can contribute to split ends on your hair. My whole family uses seamless detangler combs and you will start to notice some of the best beauticians out there do the same thing - they work that well!

Hooded Dryer or Soft Bonnet Dryer attachment

Heat, heat, heat - can be your friend or your worst enemy. I always apply some sort of heat when I am deep conditioning, makes all the difference when I am detangling and trying to restore the moisture to my hair especially after being in crochet braids for weeks. I used to use a soft bonnet attachment but now I am pretty satisfied with a standard hooded dryer and the equal heat displacement I get all over my head.

Applicator Bottle

Best way to shampoo and condition your real hair while wearing crochet braids. Fill half way with shampoo or conditioner and the other half with cold water. Shake and apply to your tracks.

Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll

For those days I want to be fancy with my regular ol twists (my go-to hairstyle in between crochet braids styles), I do a foam rod twist-out using the Jane Carter Wrap & Roll product to hold my curls.

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque

This is a hair saver in between crochet braids styles to help restore moisture and pliability to your hair. What is great about the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque is that it is geared toward dry and damaged hair. Don't forget to use it on your hair with a 30 minute heat treatment.