Amenzone Review: Squats & Sit-ups Galore


Continuing on my journey of finding guaranteed-soreness and challenging physical activities, I think I have encountered the ultimate land work out (for a body that is used to easy cardio in the gym and synchronized swimming). Amenzone really is a "back to basics workout". Reminds me a little of what I used to do in P.E. to what I saw people were doing in those bootcamps at the beach and park. It is not Crossfit (as my boyfriend was thinking from the description I gave him) but more of like a cross-training workout where your whole body is working out - and all of this is done without weights.

Usually when you are at the gym, you are that typical person just trying to burn a 1/3 of the calories you ate today -  just jump on the elliptical or maybe even a spin class to burn it out. You don't feel anything the next day (in terms of soreness) and you kind of keep using the same muscles that you always use without engaging any new ones! Sometimes people plateau, most of the time you get bored (me!). Some of the most recent Groupon fitness classes I have tried like Barre Class have really challenged me and made me sore in places I never knew I had muscles - especially in the glutes region! The difference between Barre and Amenzone is vast but the muscles that I felt being worked out were almost the same.What I like about Amenzone is that I get the same soreness from barre classes but it has that cardio component because you are constantly in motion. Your rest period is a squat on the wall or a light jog down the hill and a sprint back up!

For the first class, I prepared how I normally do for any psychical activity I do (except a two hour synchronized swimming practice).  I had a piece of toast with peanut butter - this powers me through a 45 minute elliptical/treadmill session no problem. With that said, I was struggling the first workout on top of being just out of shape when it comes to land activities - jumping into lunges, burpees, squats. I was really feeling it the next day (being a soreness junkie never discourages me, just makes me want more!). I also noticed a lot of the people in the class were in great shape, not like step-aerobics-I-sometimes-workout-shape, I am talking about you probably do triathlons type shape. A couple of Tart Cherry Juice Shakes later I felt better to come back to my next class (ate a hearty meal beforehand as well) and I brought my sister with me who suffers from the same land-adverse-physical-activities-syndrome. We both enjoyed it so much that we are looking forward to finally firming up those jiggly-bit areas right in time for summer.

I don't have a lot of negative things to say about Amenzone, since I have only taken two classes and I am sadistic when it comes to workouts where I take a beating. I do wish the class times were later in the day for people that work late and maybe a few other classes on Saturday. You get to do some pretty cool workouts including athletic yoga and jumping rope cardio. In some of the regular classes you sometimes get to utilize a tire which at this point I am still trying to wrap my head around lifting- those things are like 15 pounds (or at least it feels like it!)