Annual Report and Length Check - Pressing and Straightening My Hair

I have been meaning to post an update about my newly attained length and pressing my hair way back when I did it during xmas time (Dec 2016)! I was very pleased with the results! I kind of anticipate my annual straightening/pressing sesh because it's finally the time to get my ends trimmed efficiently!

You can tell post-swim season my hair was coming out of protective style twists. My stylist used the mizani thermasmooth products products which I swear by - especially if you are the type that doesn't press their hair that often and it is hard for you to hold a press!! Full disclosure, I found continually using Mizani can sometimes change your curl pattern but I have some friends that use it often and said it depends on how much heat you are applying to it. In any case I find no change when I use it once a year during the holidays. What is truly great about mizani is that it just makes the hair last, stay silky smooth, has a great luster/shine and that hair is oh so soft!

The first photo I took in April 2016 and the second photo was taken in December 2016. I noticed about 1.5-2in of hair growth within 8 months! I definitely attribute it to wearing crochet braids every other month and drinking my nutritive tea about once a month to naturally stimulate and encourage hair growth.

My next experiment, which l will be sharing soon is an herbal infused hair oil that I am going to be applying to my temples for about 8 months to see if I notice any new growth (especially since those are the areas that tend to be thinning). Stay tuned!