Best Cornrow Pattern for Crochet Braids

I referenced before the best cornrow pattern to have in my first ever blog post on crochet braids. Since then I have tried different variations which have all been satisfactory but the best, truly the best, has been the beehive cornrow pattern.

Realizing this was the best, was one of those doh! moments when your stylist braiding your hair (and has experience in weaving) suggests trying the beehive pattern out and you think to yourself, well of course this pattern makes sense.

Pattern Tips:

  • I still recommend making the cornrows smaller in the front and angle out more to the back of your head, instead of just cornrowing straight back. 
  • Make an un-straight, natural part with your fingers instead of a part with a comb
  • I also take some weave thread to sew up the tail towards the center of the beehive.

Beehive cornrow pattern used with freetress Bohemian TT30 Hair