What is the BEST Crochet Braids Style for Vacations?

Freetress Bohemian. Period. Run along now and get it installed before your flight! I wanted to have a post addressing this question specifically because I have received a lot of emails about the best hair to wear during vacation (most of the time to the tropics and on cruises and whatnot). Although I have really enjoyed rocking Freetress Deep Twist and the Gogo Curl crochet braids, nothing beats the longevity of the Freetress Bohemian crochet braids in any vacation situation, especially if you are going to be in and out of the pool/ocean everyday.

As you can see above, my whole summer was spent in pools and oceans from state-side to the Caribbean and the Bohemian just held up perfectly. I never had to worry about my hair going swimming and I never had to worry about it when I was getting dressed up to go out at night - I actually never had to do anything but wash and condition my real hair underneath and I was ready to go. My sister even ended up getting the Blonde Crochet Braids for our vacations thereafter - the key word here is low maintenance. Enjoy your vacation and never again have to fret over your hair during your relaxing time off.