Book Review: Textured Tresses by Diane Da Costa

Textured Tresses: The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining and Styling Natural Hair by Diane Da Costa Ms. Da Costa seems like everyone’s dream beautician. Clean. Neat. Organized. Totally devoted to the health and maintenance of your hair! Although most of her shops, and herself, are in NY, she fortunately wrote a book revealing her philosophy on natural hair care for those of us not in the NY area. First and foremost I like how Da Costa emphasizes the importance of having a beautician that is dedicated to helping you maintain the health of your hair. I think about my own beautician who changed press and curl products from Mizani to something else because she noticed how it was effecting the elasticity of my natural hair pattern when I wore it in a natural state. She also blow dries my hair on a low, almost cold setting, even though it might take a longer and make the pressing process lengthier. I appreciate my beautician for simple things such as that and I feel like everyone should find someone who at least knows more about hair than what they learned in beauty school.

The book is very simply organized with part 1 being about how to ‘prep the canvas’ or prepare the hair to be styled in any shape of fashion and part 2 is about how to ‘achieve’ these looks and styles with healthy hair. Da costa definitely seems like nothing less than an expert/supreme guru in hair care. I even picked up on another tool I might try to find and purchase (if its even available for home use) called a hair steamer – basically a hooded hair dryer that uses steam instead of heat. She seems to be a big fan of hair steaming especially when it involves essential oils that can invigorate the scalp and nourish hair follicles – it makes me want to go out and set one up out in my garage!