Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil Review

Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil

Now there is an abundance of oils out there to choose from to replenish dry, thirsty, brittle hair. I have tried a lot of them and noticed most get the job done and out the way for a daily dose of moisture. Everything from jojoba oil concoctions to olive oil sprays. Sometimes I would endure the oil spots on the pillow at night or on the back of the car headrest but such is life for my dry 3c, 4a, 4b head of hair. What shifted my change to Carol's Daughter oil products, particularly the Tui Oil, was the lightness of the oil and its ability to still penetrate and moisturize the hair. I normally put Tui oil on my ends in the morning since that is the part of your hair that needs the most TLC and my roots tend to retain enough natural oil on its own. By the end of the day I found the oil completely absorbed into my hair and it felt soft and manageable by the time I braided it up and put on my nightcap!