Weave Chronicles: Freetress Deep Twist Crochet Braids

Weave Chronicles: Freetress Deep Twist Crochet Braids

I was not planning on installing Freetress Deep Twist until the new years (yes I have a calendar for my hairstyles!) but since I succeeded (or failed?) in another fail-style, this time I was attempting the Marley Hair Crochet Braids (I'll extrapolate more on that fail next week), I went to plan B since I had some of the freshly bought Deep Twist hair lying around I got from Divatress.com

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Weave Chronicles: Day 50 - a look back

Dreamgirls Hair Salon (Culver City, CA) featured me on their facebook page! This is when I got my hair cut around Day 20. It also seemed like the day I had 2 hours of sleep! A lot has changed since then, especially since my real hair has been growing like crazy and my sideburns are starting to slightly rise revealing my curly Q's underneath - yikes!! I was hoping I could go at least 2.5 months but because of the side burns I think I can only go a solid two months. Even greasing down my edges has proved a failure. The only other option is to take a blade/shaver to my sideburns and that won't be happening!

Weave Chronicles: Day 42 - Do they know?

As I have settled into rocking a weave, I sometimes wonder in various situations...do they know I am wearing a weave?! This odd paranoia bordering my own curiosity about people's thoughts comes out in various situations. Situation 1: At club talking to a guy. His eyes are constantly wondering to the top of my head. At first I think maybe he is admiring the awesome short bowl cut I have, but then I break into a sweaty, uncomfortably fear - he is gonna find out I have a weave! *yelp* quick, run into the darker recesses of the club!

Situation 2: In the gym locker room while I peel the sweaty clothes off my body, ruffling my hair in the process. I take the blow dryer to dry out the front and back parts. I catch a side-eye from an octogenarian on a cane - *dun dun dunnnn* granny knows!!!

Situation 3: At the Chiropractor as the doctor takes an 'ultra sound' of my neck. The doctor mentions, "I love your hair, it reminds me of Demi Moore from Ghost". I say, "ha, thanks". OMG she is close enough to see my tracks from under my hair! This compliment is a lie!!!

These situations all occurred within the first month of my weave wearing experience.  Now I have evolved into openly scratching my head and fixing parts of my weave in public...and in front of my boss, my co-worker, the Nordstrom's Rack Sales Clerk... having little regard for what they see, what they think, or what they eventually want to say. and I kinda like it that way!

I'm happy to say I am paranoid free and more comfortable with walking around with my short do. I wish I took this 'who cares' attitude earlier - it would of saved me a lot of time deep in thought analyzing something out of nothing.

Happy Friday!


Weave Chronicles: Day 35

Has it been a little over a month already??! Feels like 6 months! Can't say my lazy butt has missed combing out my hair every two weeks with coconut and avocado oils, BUT I sometimes wish for my old big hair, poof and all! Nonetheless, two weeks ago I accomplished my life long goal of getting a short hair cut and wa-lah!

I am happy with it. Sometimes I wish I could mousse it up and do a cool cockatoo hairstyle or maybe some halle berry stylization but how you see it pretty much what it is 24/7. I have to say, extra short hair ranks #1 when going to the gym because...you just go! No more forgetting your hair tie at home and/or dealing with hair brushing around on your sweaty face! Dries pretty fast too, even for a weave. I quickly blow dry the back and front and within two minutes the hair has dried (tracks are probably still damp though).

I also washed it last weekend and even though it is not as beach wavy as when the weave was shoulder length, it still has its charm

But sometimes I feel like I look like a character from Scott Pilgrim Saves the World lol


Weave =s Hair Growth!?!?

It shouldn't be all that surprising quite honestly, but I think weaves sometimes get a bad rap in the natural hair community because it is the antithesis to natural hair, but is it really? Especially if your hair is natural and cornrowed underneath the weave cap, you are still technically natural right?? What about weaves being a medium for hair growth, just like braid extensions?? That was my primary motivation for getting a weave (along with always wanting to rock a short hair cut!). Check out a photo below of the salon I went to get my weave installed and check out the results of one client who wore her hair in a weave and achieved tremendous natural hair growth!

"One year ago this clients hair was unhealthy and broken. By protecting her natural hair with a weave, DreamGirls Stylist Tonya Thompson transitioned this client out of her weave and back in to wearing her healthy and natural hair! This look is freshly out of a weave with a keratin treatment applied. Transform your hair and book now! Los Angeles: 310-313-2000 Elk Grove: 916-686-5030" DreamGirls Hair Salon, Los Angeles, CA www.dghair.com




Weave Chronicles: Day 20 - Damp and Wet Tracks

So, I think I might be one of the few people with a weave on my head who has tracks in a perpetual state of wet/dampness! The paranoia of my hair mildewing is getting to me. The last thing I want to think about is standing in the crowded elevator going up to my office and everybody is smelling some sort of mustiness/10-day old washcloth smell! The thing is, I work out everyday - not just the light 30 minute jog - I mean like a hardcore 45 minutes stairmaster workout with some harcore 15 minute ab routine thrown in at the end - all of this...with a sweatshirt on! So naturally I am just pouring sweat from underneath my weave cap and my tracks get pretty soaked with sweat (ew?). What's worse, is that I usually work out at night, around 8pm so I usually only have two hours to let my tracks dry before I go to bed and they are usually still damp anyway. It's a hassle to say the least - I am scared to wake up with an inescapable smell of mildew! In any case I try to combat this by washing my hair every 4 to 5 days. The only problem with this is I have to do this early in the morning before work (like five hours before) or on a weekday morning because it takes about an hour to hour and half for your tracks to try using a hooded dryer. The more hair you have sewn to your hair the longer it supposedly takes. I don't see any way to mitigate track wetness unless I just give up on working out hardcore all together. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Weave Chronicles: Day 12

So it has been about 12 days since I had my first weave installed and I have to say I am more upbeat and positive about it! Maybe because the cornrows have loosened up and I actually got to wash my hair this past weekend which felt sinfully amazing! Cool water going in and out of my cornrows, followed by some diluted shampoo I put in between my tracks with an applicator – lets just say I definitely paid more attention to my hair underneath than what was sewn on top. I did follow up with a deep conditioner because I want to keep my hair underneath as healthy as possible! Unfortunately I forgot the type of conditioner I use I think is tailored more for thicker and coarser hair types to provide intense softening and conditioning – it actually took me longer to wash it out of the weaved in hair than I was expecting.

After about an hour of sitting under a hooded hair dryer to dry my tracks as much as possible (I’m so scared about getting a scalp infection/moldy hair after what my hair stylist told me about wet tracks!), I really liked the light beach waves effect of the hair after it was dried. I liked it even better than the straightened hair style!!! For one I don’t have to worry about re-straightening my bangs every time I work out at the gym! I also found that it suited my personality better because I am rather a fan of more volume and of course natural waves and curls – even if it’s not the real hair on my head that is naturally wavy! :P


Natural Hair v. The Wig - A Quick Fix Solution w/o breaking your Natural stride

Are you looking for versatility? Do you want to try a new cut or color but don't want to put your hair through potential turmoil? Are you often caught off guard when your friends spontaneously want to paint the town red and your hair does not match the image that you would like to portray? Most importantly... are you DARING?
If the answer to one of these questions is even a remote "yes", consider trying a wig! Not just one, but a few because I know you have been coveting plenty of hairstyles that are waiting to come to life. I am not referring to the cliched "church lady wig". Perhaps you have grown up weary of the one that sits on your grandmother's dresser, stiff and ready to accompany her on special occassions. The difference between your wig and Grandma's is that you have embraced your ability to be the doll that you are.
Like any decision made in life, research and trials should be throughly executed before committing to a change in your appearance. Don't worry, it is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Select a Style
I know that you are fully aware of the tricks of the trade. There is no way the Rihannas and Beyonce's of the world can transform their look from day to day without the help of additional hair pieces. Whether it is a drawstring cap, half wig, a full wig or even a piece that you clip on (i.e. bangs, colored extensions), they all can make you go from 0-100 in 60 seconds all while protecting your precious tresses. What makes you any different from these starlets? You can be a rockstar too! The preparation process is easy: no muss, no fuss. Conceal your God given hair by braiding it up and tucking it inside a wig cap. When selecting a wig correctly, you achieve the same results that you would obtain if you sat in a stylist's chair for hours. I am positive that you have a celebrity doppledanger out there that you actually like. If not, there is someone famous or unknown that you can use as an inspirational muse. Use their styles as a starting point.
2. Find a Wig Shop
Locate a wig shop that has no problem allowing you to try on dozens of wigs (some have limits). Grab all of the styrofoam heads that suit your fancy, line them up in front of the mirror and start trying "Zelda", "Samantha" and "Chloe" on. Each wig, no matter how madly in love you are with the style, will not suit you. Don't be discouraged, you will find a perfect match! It helps to take someone with you so that they can give you an honest opinion. Pointed questions regarding the natural look of the wig while you have it on should be asked: Does it accent the shape of your face? Is it a slight or drastic deviation from the way you normally style your hair? If you tried, could your natural hair be manipulated into looking like the wig? If you can answer the affirmative to at least two out of three of these questions, then you have the right idea in mind. Bring your phone along so that you can take pictures and maybe send a message to someone whose opinion you trust. The better the quality of hair the wig has, the better off you are. You don't have to splurge on a human hair ornament, synthetic hair will work out just fine.
3. Personalization
Once you have made your bold, new purchase, take it home and build a look that supports the creative nature of your new 'do. Sometimes your hair dictates your clothing choices so personalize the purchase with accessories, make-up, but most importantly, personality! If you make -believe that the hair on your head belongs to you, no one will test you. When you have forgotten what is on your head, admirers will wonder how you achieved such a polished look.  Of course questions will ensue and it is up to you to play truth or dare. The truth of the matter is that you cannot let the hair wear you! Confidence is key and always sets the tone for successful ventures such as this. Self-awareness is very necessary when choosing a wig. Consider your stature, wardrobe, and personality before donning a new hairstyle because you do not want self-conciousness to prevail when you are out on the scene. Be sure to take care of your new tresses by letting them air out after being worn, and folding it inside out when ready to be placed in a plastic bag and stored away. It takes a long time for a wig to become old and lose its luster, once you notice that all of the life has been drained from it, if you really like it, buy a new one!
Why not dare to be a different "you" while playing it safe? The worse thing that could happen is that somehow it falls off and if so, at least all the girls around you will know that yes, they can look amazing, just like you... if they tried.

My First Hair Weave Experience!


*breathe* *breathe* <pop an advil> *breathe again* That was sort of my mantra as I got my first full head hair weave "installed" this past weekend. It was no picnic for my body nor my wallet. 8 hours in the chair and almost $500 out of my wallet. small little bumps cropping up near my cornrows and soreness on the top of my head. Is it all complaints? In the beginning yes, but after the soreness fades away, the advil finally stowed away in the medicine cabinet and the end of the month pay day makes you feel better about your funds, its not half bad at all! especially when faced with the prospect of not having to fret over your real hair for essentially the next 2 to 3 months!

My first impressions? Well I have to say I admire ladies who do this all year around for most of their lives because it took a toll on me mentally and physically. Then again my hairdresser might be more of a perfectionist when it comes to doing hair while I saw other hair dressers do three to five weaves during my one session there! It might also be that full head weaves take a little bit more time since none of my real hair was being used/exposed.

I really enjoy being able to use a hot iron over and over again on the hair without using a heat protectant and without having to worry about the safety and damages heat can do to my hair! yay! I became really elated when I pressed my bangs this morning after working out and i heard that dreaded hissing noise from the dampness still on the hair and I was like, "oh well! at least its not my hair suffering!".

I do find myself wondering if people notice that I am wearing a weave and then I begin to not care knowing that people think I have some sort of hair extensions when I get my hair pressed! It doesn't really make a difference in this day in age when enhancements in the body, eye lashes, lips, breasts, butts, etc are just apart of typical everyday life now.

I do miss a simple pony-tail to get the hair off the back of my neck (especially when working out). I miss not having bangs on my forehead when I am washing my face and exercising.

I love having glamour-ready hair to go out on the town with (not worried about manipulating some 3 week old twists into a club banger hairstyle lol). I love not fretting over wasting money on a press and curl when I want to dance or go work out; now I can just go do it then press it all over again without worrying about breakage of my own hair.

Before I got my first weave this weekend, I googled some stories/background advice about what to expect/what is done when you get a full head weave and there was not much information out there. So I just wanted to give an idea of how the process went to install my weave for those interested in getting a weave for the first time or don't really know how it's done:

I got blow dryed out after a lengthy shampooing and conditioning (including a deep conditioning) - all of this was in preparation for my hair to be essentially stuck under a cap for the next several months.

Cornrowed up. I am red in the face only because my scalp is so white lol. Definitely the most painful/uncomfortable part of the whole experience. Don't let my smile fool ya.

Then a net/mesh cap was sewn onto my head. This apparently helps with not only the extensions not being sewn onto you actual tracks but also to keep the weave in place while your hair is continuing to grow under the weave.

Some of the first tracks installed. It actually started to look like my actual hair when it is pressed out oddly enough lol.

After most of the hair is installed.Almost finished. I wanted bangs with a peak. I was still unsatisfied with the length, so I went for shorter.

And the final look! I plan on changing the hair style two more times before I finally take it out, I want to go extra short with a tapered back like I always wanted but never dared to do with my real hair. I will continue to keep you updated about my first weave experience!

The Weave! Friend or Foe to Natural Hairlistas?

So I was tempted to write a review about my favorite deep conditioner today but I was more excited at the moment of composing this post about something else - something many people consider the anti-thesis and arch nemesis of natural hair, the self-identity destroyer, the bank robber - the weave... When some friends and I put together everythingcurly.com we made it with the intention of not only celebrating natural hair and natural products but to also acknowledge the diversity of textures and styles natural hair can embody.

I have been natural all my life and it has not been easy as an ex-swimmer with 4a and 4b classified hair. Chlorine, sun exposure, and general negligence wreaked havoc on my poor hair most of my life (I am 25 now). Not only did the volume of my hair decrease but I was the dreaded once a year, 5 hour in the salon chair client, with the beautician tirelessly cutting away at 4 inches of splits ends. The strenuous academic schedule I endured cut down on time that I actually spent thinking about when and how I should care for my hair (I sometimes would wash my hair once every two weeks after swimming everyday in the sun for 14 days! eek!).

In recent years I have come to understand the importance of caring for the strands I have left on my head. I understand that I am not going to be one of those people who wake up in the morning run a comb through it and go on my merry way. Natural hair or any hair care for that matter takes time, energy, and sometimes some extra bicep strength to comb through those back kitchen parts.

You would think after reading this personal story, how can this be a post having to do with anything about weaves?! I am actually wondering that myself lol. What started as a "excited to share post" has evolved into more of a personal reflection which is necessary to understand my position on weaves. My ultimate philosophy in life is "Do whatever makes you happy" long as it doesn't endanger you or others around you. This philosophy also applies to weaves despite what critics have to say about how some women have their identity and whole being wrapped up in what is sewed on their head and flowing down their back. Although that might be true of some unfortunate souls who are "slaves" to the weave and equate self-confidence and beauty with their hair - for those of us that aren't concerned with that, there is no harm in trying a weave out! Which is exactly what I am doing!

While talking with the my beautician today as she was blow drying and trimming my ends, I confessed how I always wanted to rock an awesome, halle berry inspired, edgy, swaggerific, attitude-toting, short hair cut. She was kind of confounded about what was stopping me and I was equally as confused as well. I can do anything with my hair if I want to spend the time, energy and sometimes the $$$ to make it happen! I felt so empowered not because I was scheduled to get my first weave, but because I now had the time, energy, and a little mullah to do what every makes me and my tresses happy.

Check out some of the styles I am running through my head below!