Crochet Braids Faux Locs Review

Hey yall! It has been awhile, mostly because I have been updating and refreshing my website and instagram to focus mostly on hair (and my travel pursuits...with my hair!). 

As synchronized swimming season wound to a close last October, I was soooo ready to finally try out the crochet braids Faux Locs. Now I had previously done Faux Locs before, but it was using the wrap method (Did I mention it took me twelve hours?). Ain't nobody got time for that (Especially because it didn't even last that long!). Suffice to say, I decided to go the quicker and more manageable route of faux locs - crocheting those thangs in!

I was very pleased with the results and how it lasted a complete two months before I took it out (this was after I went to Cancun with it as well - and yes it holds up in water very nicely!).

How I Did IT

  1. Ok, so after much research I found the best cornrow pattern for this style is, a beehive in the middle back of the head and loose, medium sized  braids around the perimeter of the head (see video for a picture). I also researched extensively about what hair I should use and I settled on FreeTress Soft Wavy Faux Loc #4 just because my friend on my boating trip went swimming in them everyday and seemed to have no problems! I used about 3.5 packs total!

  2. Next for the perimeter braids you are basically going to crochet them into the hollow of the faux loc but before you do that, make sure to thoroughly moisturize them before locking them in there without much care for the next two months. I used shea moisture curling smoothie and some jamaican mango and lime castor oil to seal in the moisture. 

  3. Most difficult part of installing faux locs crochet braids is doing the individual locs by crocheting the braid in the hollow of the faux loc. Please see video for more details. It involved knotting the crochet through the base of the braid and crocheting the braid into the hollow of the loc.

  4. After that (it can take about an hour) the easy part is crocheting the rest of the locs in on the cornrowed part of the back of your head. I would space about two fingers apart to begin with. That should take about 30 minutes to be honest.


  • The worst part about this process was honestly crocheting those braids into the hollow of the loc! You eventually get the hang of it but if you have sleek, slipperly hair (opposite of kinky) the hair might slip out easily from the hollow. That happened on some of my locs but it was only at the root of the loc
  • I really didn't like how the perimeter braids were kind of blocked off from getting any kind of treatment/moisture. I was greateful that I was at least not going to be drenching them in pool water until the end of my two month wear.
  • However, although I was not swimming I was working out about five days a week and I washed it about every two weeks. There are different techniques online you can find, but I just got my mom or sister to hold up my locs vertically while I bent over the sink drenching my scalp with a shampoo and water mix spray bottle. Holding up the locs helps prevent getting all of the locs wet while I was washing it which would increase the drying time.