Freetress Bohemian Crochet Braids #33

Here comes another blog post on crochet braids with color! This time I dived into what was my sister's used to be favorite color, the Freetress Bohemian #33.

This is not my first time wearing this color but it is my first time wearing it in the Bohemian style. It is synchronized swimming season so I thought it's time to put in the kinkier style to outlast the wear and tear and why not try a new color while I am at it? 

So far, I am of course a fan because it has red undertones without being too outrageous (especially if you are conscious about that kind of stuff when you go to work and whatnot). It is such a great auburn color that works well with any outfit - seriously.

My only reservation about the color is the contrast with my dark hair at my part. The TT 30 blonde color didn't even have that sort of a contrast - maybe because it carries darker and browner undertones whereas the #33 has none of that.

The darkness of my part in comparison to the #33 became apparent to me last night when I was at the gym and I pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I think a good remedy for that is to not dye your hair but to make the part small and closer to the middle of your head. My part is lower on the right side of my head therefore more gap space for the part and my black baby hair to peek out (cue the edge control usage!).