Everything you need to know about Swimming in Crochet Braids

This is one of the top ten most asked questions on crochet braids...and rightly so! Some of the other questions that are probably going through your head when getting crochet braids and thinking about swimming in them is:

  • will they fall out?
  • will I look a hot mess after I get out the water?
  • how in the world do I wash these thangs?

Well since I have been a swimmer since I was ten and crochet braids wearer since 2013, I have a lot of experience with them in the water in all kinds of styles.

Standard Routine for Swimming in any Crochet Braids Style

First and foremost I find washing crochet braids is the same technique no matter what style I wear. Shampoo net, Applicator Bottle. Done. Find out more here.

Also maintenance for all styles is about the same for what I do. Wave Nouveau and Silky-N-Yaky. Some hair scissors. Done. 

Specific Notes on Swimming in Different Crochet Braids Styles

Here are some tips for each crochet braids style when you are thinking of jumping in the pool or the ocean. These are tips for when your head is completely submerged - ya know, like actually taking advantage of the water. Anything less than that you will be MORE than fine (rain, droplets from a waterfall, etc).

Freetress Bohemian

I tell everyone especially people who ask what is the best crochet braids for vacation, that hands down it is Freetress Bohemian for a variety of reasons

  • You can wear this style with or without a swim cap in the ocean, pool etc. Day in and day out. I have only worn this style at the shoulders, any longer and I think it could be more work involved to upkeep it.
  • Maintenance: easy to manage (especially if it is your first time wearing crochet braids); upkeep and maintenance is lower than other styles.

Freetress Deep Twist

This is my go to vacation hair style but I recommend this only if you have experience with crochet braids in general!

  • I have worn this style short at the shoulders in and out of the water without a swim cap and have been totally fine; however when i wear this style long I make about 4 or 5 chunky twists and push that under a swim cap; I have never worn long deep twist out in the ocean without a swim cap, I think it would be disastrous
  • Maintenance: I find this style more manageable than other styles mostly because you can comb it, but that's the biggest difference between this and Bohemian, you gotta comb it every few days so it doesn't look a mess; also make sure to use a blow dryer to dry your tracks - this style tends to trap moisture underneath

Freetress Wand Curl

This might be my new favorite style mostly because it lasts SO long even with the amount of time I was in the water; I wore this style for almost 1.5 months and still looked great

  • I wore this style under a swim cap which is probably why it lasted so long; I think swimming with is loosely and freely, could also be great but it might not last 1.5 months
  • Maintenance: I think because this style is more of a textured curl, the upkeep was fairly very easy; after swimming all I did was spray some product to revive and trim and I was done until I jumped in the pool again later that week

Freetress Presto Curl

I've been falling in love with presto curl as a short look and just with bangs; It's so much fun

  • I did wear this style and swam about twice a week in it under a swim cap and it held up pretty well day to day; however the shelf life for the style definitely was shortened with the amount of washing I was doing; I do think you could wear this style loosely and freely in the water (if it was short and above the shoulders) but again I think the shelf life would be about 3-4 weeks tops
  • maintenance: You can take a paddle comb to it or finger comb, definitely carry your shearing scissors to cut away the scraglies

Freetress Gogo Curl

I have not worn this style in awhile but I have swam in it but only under a swim cap .

  • under a swim cap my hair looked the same as it did coming out from under a swim cap, I was quite amazed; I have never worn it free flowing in the water; I personally think it might become an issue after some point and get really tangled, and you cannot comb or finger comb Gogo curl that well
  • maintenance: I found I had a lot of dreading with this style without even getting in the water, so make sure to pick you water days carefully with his one

Cuban Twist

I wore this style straight and I would not recommend swimming in it, under a swim cap or even loosely. The hair will behave weird especially because you blow dried it then went into the water. It is synthetic aka plastic, so it wont revert back but its not like you can blow dry it straight again. Of course you can use  Double Strand Cuban Twist (the textured, before blow dry) to do various styles like mambo twists or something else. I have heard those last well in the water without a swim cap!