Exercise on This! Helix Lateral Trainer

A few days ago I went to the gym. Downtown. At 6:30pm. If you don't have a visual yet imagine thousands of people pouring out of buildings after work to get a quick thirty minute work out in at one of the only three available gyms downtown. It's serious. It's cut throat. Especially if you don't get the machine you wanted and have been eagerly anticipating to use that specific machine the whole day because that is the only machine that makes you sweat AND burn the maximum amount of calories in your short work out time.

That day was actually NOT one of those days for me. I wasn't praying for one of the four stairmasters to be free. I wasn't even going to glance in the elliptical area. And I didn't really feel like standing in ambiguous lines waiting to get on the treadmill. So I just went in with an open mind.

It was actually more crowded than usual - probably those new years resolutioners trying to make some lifestyle changes - more power to them! I thought going with my own new years resolution #3, be open to something new, the newest and most available machine I could try were these two off in the corner machines way in the back of the gym. I have NEVER seen anyone use them even though they have been there for a few months - I casually remember the 'TRY ME!'-Alice-in-Wonderland reminiscent tags hanging. They looked strange and complicated but I felt like I had the mental energy to figure it out.

So I got on and never looked back!

It was so much FUN! I cannot say that for ANY of the machines I have used in the gym. It felt like I was doing a crouched ski move mixed with some odd samba motions. It was great! Within 30 minutes I burned 400 calories and I didn't feel like it was a struggle unlike the stairmaster which I feel like I am about ready to die after 25 minutes with only 250 measly calories burned. Calories aside, because I know those can be inflated depending on the machine, it was a genuinely fun work out and it felt good on the body. This machine, not to be sexist, is definitely meant to sculpt the female jiggly parts i.e. stomach, butt, thighs. From the video I learned you can vary the workout by whirling your legs in a squatting position focusing more on your glutes, or you can stand straighter and get a fuller leg workout. At the end of the workout, my calves, inner thighs, and abductors were burning!!! Areas I don't  work out that often since my swimming/breastroking days. It was a refreshing change and I can't wait to get back on it to do it again!