Fail-Styles: Crochet Braids with Marley Hair

Ok this time I can document one of my other fail-styles with pictures, unlike the fail I had with the yarn braids. I really wanted the Crochet Braids with Marley Hair to work though! I was sad it didn't but maybe you can learn from my mistakes and make it work for you. I thought this was going to be easy. Saw about four videos on YouTube on how to do the style and I was like I am ready to attempt this, especially because I had two kinds of hair sitting around in my garage from previous hair styles years ago (extensions to make longer twists and whatnot).

First of all...Do not use the hair I used above. All I know is that it did not work for me whatsoever and everyone else from the videos was using Janet Collection Noir Afro Marley Braid. I have yet to go to the beauty store and see the difference with that type of hair and the hair I used and honestly from the videos the hair looked like the texture of the Black 'n Gold Rastafarian Dreadlock  but maybe the feel of the hair is different.

Second of all...Do not used the knot and loop method of curling the hair. Although the curl still did not come out as nice with the bone rollers, it was a lot easier to disassemble that un-knotting that loop. I tried a roller and the knotted loop for the Janet Collection Afro Kinky Bulk and for the Black 'n Gold Rastafarian Dreadlock hair and as you can neither revealed very nice results after dipping them into hot water and letting them dry considerably before taking them out.

Third of all...Hot water burns...a lot...Even being as careful as I was some of the hot water got trapped in the roller and dripped down my cheek (had a little redness there the rest of the evening) so be careful! That was enough for me to not even want to bother with the time and energy needed to put in this style and worry about hot water leaking out the roller. I do wish everybody else luck with the style because I still think it is very cute but more work than I would like to do. Plus it sounds like it has a higher maintenance turn over (you have to recurl the curls every 4 days or so and I don't think that would of worked with my exercise routine).