Failstyle: Short Tapered Freetress Bohemian Crochet Braids

Sometimes, in the interest of time and resources (I was preparing for one of my flea markets and I didn't have the hair I wanted to use for this short doo) you make mistakes and fail miserably. I really wanted to do a short crochet braids style because synchronized swimming championships were coming up and I was tired of stuffing all that wand curl and even my real hair under a swim cap.

So this is what the original hairspiration was:

Short Tapered Curlkalon Crochet Braids

Then when I saw curlkalon had a two week shipping disclaimer for the hair I wanted, my hairspiration evolved into this:

Short Tapered Bohemian Crochet Braids

And this is what happened:

Short Bohemian Crochet Braids Failstyle

I know right? How did I become the disgruntled looking DMV employee?

Where I went wrong

1. I definitely did not add enough hair to begin with. The hair was installed so light that it was almost see-through

2. I don't think I had the right cornrow pattern. I did the cornrows straight back to the middle and the beehive for the back but I should of just did a beehive for the whole head.

3. As you know I cannot cut for my life and this hair is not really forgiving for those amateur hair cutters. Like the hair refused to get that 'curls on the top of the head' look and just fell flat along my head

How I fixed it

1. I cut that mess out! (granted I had to go almost four days wearing this unbearable look)

2. Luckily I had some of my freetress presto curl lying around to replace this short style. I had done this look before short and felt comfortable doing it again and even cutting it myself and I was pleased with the outcome

3. Only change I made with the look from when I did it before was I quadrupled knotted the shorter strands in the back (which still ended coming out sometimes but less than before).