Fall Sale!!! 25% off on Shea Butter Soaps and more! Promo Code: 25OFFSOAP

Stock up on your soap for the winter!

Stock up on your soap for the winter!

The sale has made a landing and what a nice way to start out the dry season with some on sale moisturizing shea butter soaps! All (except Charcoal) are 25% off. Customers and friends have been saying how just washing their face and bodies with this soap has helped clear up certain contact dermatitis, eczema and even some blemishes - it really is all in what products you put on your face and body! All soaps are made with organic ingredients.

Some More Amazing Deals

Toner is now $2 off! My favorite product by far! Made with organic herbs infused in apple cider vinegar, rose/rosemary hydrosols and organic essential oils. No alcohol included at all! Great to put on right before bed to clarify pores.

Liquid Soap now starting at $6 and up and now available in easier/cheaper to ship plastic bottles. Great face and hand wash, can even use on your body. Made with organic ingredients and fragrance oils (not synthetic).


Charcoal soap, $2 off!! Most online and store companies are selling this soap for $20 a pop (so crazy!) but we make it with organic ingredients and make it affordable to the public. It also lasts so long!! I have a slither of my charcoal soap left that I have been using since March.








Musk shave soap set now only $20! Includes shaving brush, shave soap in mug and a free shave soap bar. Great gift for guys (or girls!). Feedback from some of my guy customers has been that it is a great moisturizer to their face and lasts a long time... You can also get the unscented shave mug for $10 now!







And Don't Forget...

Free Loose Leaf Tea with every purchase!