Fall Winter Style Change: Faux Locs Hairstyle

With synchro season over, I was ready to do another long hair style (like last fall) and faux locs were definitely next up on the list. I originally planned to have my friend do them for me but with her schedule very busy I decided to attempt in one full day to do them myself - hoping and praying it didn't turn into another failstyle. After an almost two hour trial period, I was able to find a method to the install the locs and have them look natural without being heavy to wear! 

First attempt at faux locs

How I did it:

  1. Wash and deep condition your hair really well (because you will eseentially not have a way of moisturizing your hair when it is wrapped up).
  2. Put in medium sized twists around your head with a good moisturizing cream (I used Camille Rose Twisting Butter)
  3. Use the most inexpensive braiding hair you can find (Kanekalon Black and Gold) and braid a braid from the end of your twists to your desired length. You can twist the rest of the way after a certain point. I used only 1.5 packs to do this.
  4. Take your Marley hair (I used Zury Marley Braid - most inexpensive) and for each strand comb it out with a small tooth comb (this gives it some thickness for your wrapping) 
  5. Start at the base of your twist and leave a little of the marley hair out to start wrapping. Make sure to wrap almost 4-6 times (depending on thickness of your twist) at the base of your twist to prevent slippage. Once secure, continue wrapping by overlapping a little of the Marley hair each time. It should take almost 7-10 minutes per loc. So be prepared.
  6. Eventually you will run out of marley hair to wrap the whole loc and will have to add another strand of the hair; when there is about 1 inch of marley hair left to wrap, blend in the other strand of marley hair to that left out inch of hair and the new inch of Marley hair are wrapped around with the new marley strand; wrap around several times (3-4) to secure that second marley hair strand that was added, then continue wrapping per usual
  7. Once you wrap almost an inch before the end of the kanekalon hair, fold over the kanekalon hair against the loc and start wrapping up the loc completely covering the kanekalon hair; usually you should be able to continue wrapping up for about one inch before the marley hair run out; if it does not, just trim the ends a little bit; 
  8. Once the end is wrapped up just burn up and down the end (should be about 1-2in long) then roll it between the palm of your hands and repeat with a second burn up and down and roll between the palm


  • Budget at least 12hrs to do your hair in the day; It took me approximately 12hrs to complete the hair in one day
  • Comb out the individual marley hair strands before hand otherwise it will unravel pretty fast when you are doing the loc
  • Sleep with a satin cap that at least covers your head to prevent your head from getting fuzzy too fast; I have been sleeping with the locs out and they seem to do fine
  • To get your locs as even a length as possible, keep wrapping to the length of the other locs you are doing


  • Slippage! Ugh! It is terrible especially around the hairline. People have methods like crocheting the marley hair through the base of the twist but I don't want too much tuggage; I rather it slip than strain my hair strands; I also don't mind doing weekly maintenance redoing some of the locs (usually I redo about 3-4 locs per week)
  • Unravel-age!! The end can start to unravel and look fluffy; no need to redo the whole loc just trim and re-wrap up the loc and burn really well 
  • Fluff head! Maybe it is because of my technique or the fatness of my twists but I have a lot of my hair out on top; it helps with making it look more natural looking but we will see what it may look like after 4 weeks exposed without a comb going through it!
  • Stickage! The ends do stick a lot but it seemed to only happen a lot for like the first three days then it was fine; I think it helped that I trimmed all the loose marley hairs sticking out
  • Time! It takes awhile and you need a certain finesse and perfectionism when making these locs (qualities which I lack); if you can find someone to do it for you inexpensively, get it done!


  • Temporary locs look without having permanent locs! yay!
  • Length is always fun to play with and to do different styles with; it honestly looks good with a hat, wrap, or any of those styling tips you had when wearing the box/senegalese braids and whatnot
  • Ease of getting up in the morning and going about your day without concern for your real hair! You can use edge control products around your hairline but I figured it blends better with my natural roots if I kept my hairline natural