Freetress Bohemian Crochet Braids #30

Crochet braids with color is awesome. If you have been playing it safe with the 1s and 1bs and maybe you were feeling a little frisky and went as far as to do a #4 - time to graduate to full on color! A nice color to experiment with is either #33 or the #30!

My cousin and sister (rockin' the #30)

So yea, that is not me, but my younger sister (not twin!) who does so well with great colors like these. Her first crochet braid style was blonde for crying out loud. Then she toned it down to a #33 which inspired me to try my own version of #33 and even as 'extreme' as a highlighted blonde! All in all this has been her go-to color and style for the last 6 months.

Photo Credit: ChottoTwinz

She mentioned how she loves this color more than the others because it goes with any skin tone (even when you are paler in the winter and tanner in the spring). She also said she was scared to try it because the color was in between the  blonde and a #33 in terms of shock value and work appropriateness but she has said everyone loves it.

She also debuted this hairstyle in the latest Star Wars Episode 7 (I am not kidding! Watch out for her scene and line toward the last thirty minutes of the movie).

Check out Tabala Zo (Philicia Saunders) in the new Star Wars Movie!

So whether you are in a movie or feeling like a bolder move in your crochet braids styles - try out crochet braids with some color, it's fun!