FreeTress Bohemian Crochet Braids TT30 - Blonde Highlights

My first time trying TT30 color

Like with all crochet braids that are different colors, it takes some time for me to get used to it and by day 2, I am in love with it! Mostly because it so different and new, I really learn to embrace it.

FreeTress Bohemian TT30 color was chosen because I was going to Jamaica (I am actually writing this post from Kingston now). I was thinking if I want to do something bold and out of my comfort zone, why not do it in my father's homeland where hair knows no creative boundaries! Moreover, I was expecting to be in chlorinated water and the ocean almost every day and I love wearing Bohemian as the best vacation hair.  

The hair color (the 30) is a light blonde but not too blonde like the crochet braids my sister wore one time. The hair itself is not like highlighted throughout the package but more of an ombre effect - dark (about #4 color) from the roots to the middle part and the ends are like dipped in #30 color hair (the blonde part).

Long Freetress Bohemian TT30 Long (uncut) and Short (cut in half)

Now if you wanted to do this style long you would get the complete ombre effect where it was dark from your roots and blonde at your tips. I personally don't wear Bohemian long because of the tangle-wangle (I prefer wearing Deep Twist long).  Nonetheless when you cut this hair in half and crochet it in, the strands are like blonde on one end and dark on the other end, giving you this highlighted look - which I love!

I sometimes think many of the color blended/highlighted Freetress bulk braiding hair products for crochet braids looks a little fake and cheap and I try to mitigate that by wearing one color at a time but I have strong faith in the TT color blends that give a more natural highlighted look.

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