Freetress French Deep Braid Crochet Braids

So with the end of the synchronized swimming season near and a Vegas 40th birthday blowout with one of my friends - I was faced with the always tough decision...what am I going to do with my hair?!

So I game planned and of course thought crochet braids would be perfect (because there was also a vegas pool party) then swimming at nationals in several weeks, but I wanted the va-va-boom of a good vegas wigso I opted to go long hurr but  my favorite location to buy freetress products was sold out of my favorite style of hair - Deep Twist in a #2 (three to four packs needed for the long look).

So alas, I decided to take a chance and try out the Freetress French Deep Braid and it came out very similar (but different in its own way from deep twist).

Deep twist is on the left and French Deep is on the right - note the difference? It's very subtle

My thoughts

- Although the curl pattern looks almost identical, deep twist is more of a defined bigger curl, while French deep is more of a downward spiral curl; I found the French deep to be softer than deep twist but that does not necessarily mean that it is better!

- My hair stylist from way back said that it reminded her of those poodle dogs a little bit and yes it comes out the package looking like that but the volume is pretty great and doesn't revert back to big curls like deep twist tends to do

- However I think the maintenance on french deep is more than deep twist maintenance because the French deep hair tends to tangle a lot when long and it is hard to finger comb or even comb regularly, so I ended up cutting it short after 2 weeks (keep in mind yall I swim twice a week, so it probably could have lasted longer as longer hairstyle)

As you can see in the left picture the maintenance process was a hassle (the left side of my face is combed out and the other side is just a mess), and once I chopped it off, I have been living easy breezy. I'm curious to see how much longer it will last. I was hoping for a month! But I do have about 10 more swim sessions before I get there (Ill keep my fingers crossed!)