Freetress Presto Curl Crochet Braids #33 with Bangs

It has been a minute! So much has been happening the past two months and I have so much to blog about, including my recent and newest installation of Freetress presto curl #33 crochet braids with bangs! (Check out the video below!)

Why am I holding a lobster you may wonder...well I was trying to be the girl from Flash Dance during the provocative lobster eating scene (yea, nobody else got it either during Halloween night lol).

I honestly love this style when I am not swimming and off season from synchronized swimming. I did try swimming in it regularly when I wore it as a short tapered style but it didn't work out as well, so I definitely recommend this as an out of the water hairstyle. I did wear it a year ago for the holidays in Jamaica when I only got in the ocean twice and it held up well.

I usually don't try too many crochet braids styles with color because sometimes it looks really fake, but I like to test it out in different patterns just to see. #33 tends to be my favorite color to try it out since it is like a brown-y red auburn. I have also worn it in the Gogo Curl and Bohemian

What is probably the best thing about wearing this style with bangs is that you do not have make an invisible part and you don't have to upkeep the part over the weeks while you wear crochet braids.

click for more information on how to install presto curl crochet braids with bangs