Freetress Presto Curl Short Tapered Crochet Braids

This hair style has been a labor of love and transformational experience in many ways. I first stumbled upon the idea of short tapered crochet braids from Pinterest and I definitely wanted something asymmetrical with a loose curl but a tight enough curl so the short crocheted hairs would not fall out. So I decided to use Freetress Presto Curlsince I was pleased with the results from the end of last year and I thought it would look cute short.

How I Did it:

  1. I first deep conditioned my hair, blow dried it with coconut oil and cornrowed it with the usual cornrow pattern (with the beehive in the back)
  2. I cut the pack of Freetress Presto Curl in half and crocheted the top of my head and stopped crocheting about three inches from the nape of my neck. 
  3. I cut in half the already cut in half hair and crocheted that hair in at the back of my head.
  4. Got my hair shaped and trimmed by a friend

I have to say this style started out good until I was making out with my guy and all of a sudden a couple of the short strands from the tapered back came out in his hands!!! Thankfully he is an understanding individual and didn't think I was losing 'my hair' and oddly enough I was not embarrassed but I think it would of been more embarrassing if this happened in front of friends and/or in public.

So how did I fix this problem?

I got really innovative. I took some Freetress Deep Twist Weave that was already on tracks left over from my handmade U-Part wig and made a 'piece' with combs to fit on the back of my head where the short hairs were falling out.

Problem solved?

Almost. I cannot cut for my life and cutting for a tapered look came out hackneyed and haphazard but I wore it anyway! People couldn't tell the different even with the different hair textures I used.  

I am not sure if I will try short crochet braids again with such wavy hair because I would prefer not to use a 'piece' for the back. The last two weeks I haven't even been wearing the piece that often because my cornrows look so furry in the back that it just looks like I shaved it. So hipster!