Freetress Presto Curl with Bangs Maintenance & Upkeep

Still here and still loving the Freetress Presto Curl I installed about three weeks ago. Even after a post-swim in the Jamaican southern ocean and a comb out with a paddle brush, the hair seems to be able to keep up with my hectic life!

Post-Comb Out

After being sick for a whole week and not having access to a paddle brush during my two weeks in Jamaica, suffice to say my hair was ready for a good combing. I used some of the usual Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotionusing about four droplet-sized amounts around my hair. Be sure to be gentle combing throughout because this hair is crocheted in and can come out if you comb too hard (especially in the short bang area). Usually after you paddle comb something this curly you also will have to trim and shape a lot

It never is as voluminous as your first week but at least the curl pattern holds and it has a more realistic 3-day-old wash-n-go look to it.

I think James Dean would approve