Freetress Wand Curl / Jamaican Bounce #4 Crochet Braids

I did it! I did it! I was gonna wait to install this one until after synchro season but after getting encouraged from a stylist on instagram that said you can wear this doo in the water, I was all about this Freetress Wand Curl / Jamaican Bounce #4!!

I honestly feel like this is the hair you are seeing everywhere nowadays from the Gram to your friend's new profile pic on facebook! Dare I say it is like the newest crochet braids style rage!? What is truly great about this look is that it is almost identical to the Perm Rod Cuban Twist Crochet Braids I did a few months ago - but this Wand Curl / Jamaican bounce is wayyyyy easier to install!! and it lasts longer!!

Some people have asked me what's the difference between the wand curl and the jamaican bounce and I honestly don't see much of a difference. I have not tried the bounce because I really like Freetress products for crochet braids but I have heard from some users of the bounce that their hair has gotten a little tangle-y and matted. I have yet to experience that a week and half in (And swimming in it two days in a row!) with the Freetress Wand Curl, but will give you an update in like a month if this still holds true.

The Water Test

The answer is yes! This is safe for water use. I also have to add a disclaimer that my water/pool tests involves me putting on a swim cap. Yes my head gets big with this hair but I am able to swim laps and perform synchronized swimming with all this safely tucked away underneath (I recommend wearing a silicone cap). If you swim without a cap I think it would be fine, just make sure each piece is tightly knotted down since each ringlet is slightly big. One drawback is that the style might not last as long if you didn't have it under a cap.

I followed my regular washing crochet braids routine and the hair still had the bounce and curl without issue from chlorine to the shower. Some key points to take away though:

  • Don't wash this hair in HOT temperature water; I used slightly above room temperature water to wash my hair; anything really hot might straighten the curl out
  • Use a shampoo hair net to protect the curl and whatnot
  • Blow dry/sit under a dryer using a medium/warm heat setting (remember not too hot!) afterwards to help accelerate the drying process. I noticed that this hair holds water a long time which can be kind of annoying in comparison to the bohemian and deep twist crochet braids styles I have worn.

How I did it

1. I started out with a brand new cornrow pattern I decided to try out (I will explain more in a post about this in a few weeks to see if it is worth it). You can try it out as well (see pics below) or do the standard cornrow pattern I have been doing for the last two years.

2. I used two packs of hair and yes I have a big head and large cornrows, so it is possible to use just only two packs (because this hair is expensive, almost $10 a pack!). I bought a third pack just in case. For each ringlet that came out of the pack I split it in two and installed it about two finger widths apart in the back of my head.

3. For the front of my head I broke up each ringlet into about three or four parts and installed it about one finger width apart.

4. In the end I think it balanced out well in terms of not too much volume but enough coverage! I did notice I had to trim and shape it a lot - like more than any other crochet braids styles (except for maybe the Freetress Long Deep Twist). Some people like to further separate the twists to give more volume, I felt like since I already did my share of separation that I didn't have to do that as much.

Have you tried this style? Let me know below what your experience has been like with this style!