Freetress Wand Curl - Jamaican Bounce Crochet Braids Maintenance

Even though it has been like a month since I got the  Freetress Wand Curl / Jamaican Bounce #4 uninstalled (I am rocking the short presto curl tapered look again), I thought it important to put out a post and video on how to maintain them things! 

I have had friends say (including my sister who just put them in) that it is great for like a week and a half then it loses its flow, luster and looseness - but don't fret! You can still revive this style weekly and it can last up to two months (at least for me it did and that was with swimming in it twice a week!)

How I did it

1. Oil/Moisturize your tracks! Don't forget about that real hair underneath there waiting to be nourished! I use my own home blend of hair growth herbs, infused into castor and almond oil (will be on sale late fall!). Use an applicator bottle to apply. Massage in. Done

2. Spray your hair with some type of synthetic hair spray or conditioner. I prefer silky and yaky now but the Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion is not bad either.

3. Finger comb! Once the spray is in the hair, finger comb it out to loosen up the hair a bit; the knots and matted parts need to be finger combed through to restore the looseness that you had at the beginning; You usually get those from the hair brushing against your shoulders and when you sleep on it, it is unavoidable.

4. Trim! Trim! Trim! Get your shearing scissors out and trim the scraggles that are dangling from the curls. Also helps loosen up the hair and restore that flow to it.

5. (Most important step) FIX YOUR PART! Your hair is growing and with that it will widen your part like the deep red sea, so add some hair back in there! Make sure to use the knotless crochet braids part technique.

After that, you are done and ready to go. I did this about once a week the Monday after I was swimming Saturday and Sunday. I think if I was not swimming I could do this about every two weeks. The whole process takes about 10 to 15 minutes so make sure you don't do it with little to no time before an important date!