Freetress Water Wave #27 Crochet Braids

So I had the distinct honor and privilege of doing my auntie's first ever crochet braids!! It was also the first time I ever used this specific texture of hair - Freetress Water Wave #27

We ended up doing the traditional cornrow pattern with the beehive in the back and installation time for this short look took about 2 hours total! We used about 2 packs out of the 3 packs of hair we bought. I spaced per usual one index finger apart in the front and about two finger widths apart in the back. Then I shaped it up for her and wallah we were ready to go!

The volume is definitely bigger initially as you can see with the photo of the both of us (crochet braids twinsies! I am of course wearing the default Deep Twist). In the second photo this was two weeks later and the volume had reduced considerably. Of course if you want to you can fluff it up and re-voluminize it with either the Wave Nouveau or Silky n Yaky Spray

This was almost 3.5 weeks into the look and it was still holding up well. My aunt said it was not too tangle-y and not much matting! Which is great to hear because originally we thought we bought the Bohemian Bulk but realized we bought the water wave by mistake but it worked out fine! Maybe Water Wave is easier to handle? Not sure but I plan on trying out Water Wave in the future and of course trying it out in the pool as well.