How to do a Crochet Braids Natural Invisible Part

I get a lot of emails about how I make my part look natural or do I know anybody that can do a natural part in their hometown and I let them know that there is a way (not even really a method) to do it without much hassle.

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There are some great videos on how to do the natural/invisible part on YouTube but a lot only show how to do it with weeks old crochet braids when the hair is loose enough. I am able to put the part in with tight fresh cornrows using a small Hair Beader tool . The large black one is sold online but you can buy the smaller flower one that comes with a pack of beads at the beauty supply.

crochet braids natural invisible part
crochet braids natural invisible part

A couple of pointers in making the natural invisible part:

  • The real key here, especially if you have fresh cornrows in, is using the Hair Beader tool to gently and delicately get under those tight and fragile pieces of hair at the beginning of the cornrow. The regular Latch Hook Crochet Needle can be difficult to get under there and might cause breakage.
  • Just keep adding hair until the part looks covered up and doesn't have that zig-zag affect from the cornrows.
  • Make sure to refresh your part every two-three weeks because you hair will keep growing in making your part wider (check out the video below on not only how to do it but also how she was adding hair in a couple of weeks after she put the crochet braids in)

A lot of people have questions about take down which I will document after I take these crochet braids out but the hair does not get caught in the part area. At the end of the day this is synthetic hair and you are knotting it to your own hair. All you have to do is cut the knot and it slips right out. This testimony is coming from someone with really kinky hair that rips out all the time from other hair being braided with it and this does not happen with crochet braids.