How to make a Freetress Deep Twist U-Part Wig

I was first inspired to make a U-part wig from a YouTube tutorial utilizing Marley Hair that was pre-curled in hot water. She braided up most of her hair and curled her own hair on top to blend in with the U-part wig. I thought I wanted to do the same thing, but instead crochet the top part - essentially leaving none of my own hair out. I also wanted to use some type of Freetress Hair that comes on a track and in bulk (used for crocheting and braiding).

Cue my opportunity to embark upon this U-part wig journey - 4-day Synchronized Swimming Championships in Michigan. I had to cornrow my hair up to wear in performances and at night we had awards dinners. So I was thinking do I just want to be a 12 year old kid again rocking cornrows all around my head for the night? No. I thought about bringing along my Josephine Baker Wig but figured since I would be traveling through Ohio and Texas right after competition I needed something a little bit more easy going...

Freetress Deep Twist U-Part Wig with Crochet Braids for the part (no hair left out)

I loved it. In fact I plan on making two or three more u-part wigs in different Freetress Hair styles.

How I did it

  1. I reused an old wig cap that I was practicing making another wig on (they are pretty tough and resilient even after I cut off the old wig pieces). Put the wig cap on your head first to measure and draw out (with a white or light color lip pencil) where you want your part and how long you want it to be. I made mine about 3.5-4 in long. You can also make things a ton easier and get a U-part wig cap but the u-part is down the middle - my u-part was off center (because I think I look better with an off center part anyway)
  2. Put a plastic bag over the head of a wig cap and put the cap on the wig head and pin it down with wig pins or paperclips so it doesn't move. Cut the line you drew for the u-part and hot glue gun the cut (this prevents the fraying). Apply another layer of hot glue and apply your first Freetress Deep Twist Weave track. Let it cool and then you can do one of two methods.
  3. Method 1 (Quickest): Hot Glue the rest of the tracks starting from the back to the front of the u-part or from the top of the u-part to the bottom (just make sure you are following the curvature of the u-part). Method 2 (Preferred): Remove plastic bag from wig head and use weaving thread instead of glue to install the tracks. Takes longer but lasts a lot longer!
  4. Using weaving thread, sew in wig combs at the top edges of the u-part wig. Sew in other wig combs around perimeter of wig cap where you feel is necessary (I recommend one in the back and two on the sides)
  5. Comb out U-part wig with a paddle brush or comb to give it more volume.
  6. Cornrow hair up and place U-part wig combs at the start of your part near your hair line. Crochet in Freetress Deep Twist braiding bulk hair around the open space of the U-part wig (Find out how to make a natural looking part).
  7. Shape/Trim your hair to fit your face and preferred volume. Have a friend check to see if you need to add more tracks in the back if there is too much gaping/open spaces. Lay down your baby hairs with any edge control product you have available.


  • DON'T GLUE all tracks in if you can help it. Only glue the first track at the top of the u-part then sew around it to secure it even more. I glued all tracks in at first, but then two days later as I was combing it out the tracks started to come aloose. I had to go back and sew them all back in.
  • Wig Combs: Can cause traction alopecia, tenderness, etc. Try to have the comb attached to as much hair as possible. Don't wear U-part wigs 365 days out of the year (month on and off maybe)
  • U-Part Mis-alignment: Make sure to crochet enough hair in the part area to totally cover the u-part. Some days you might put it on and you are having issues covering it up. Either crochet more hair in or comb out the crocheted hair you have in to get more volume


  • SO EASY! I jumped in the water, went swimming, got out, washed my cornrows and the crocheted hair, dried it, then threw on the u-part and I was instantly ready to go
  • Curls don't Frizz as fast: As you know with a lot of crochet braids styles they tend to frizz over time especially when worn with nightcaps, touching your shoulders all the time, general wear and tear, etc. Since you are only wearing this wig technically 12hrs out of the day most of the time it cuts down on a lot of that.
  • SAVES TIME: if you don't have 2-4 hours to install crochet braids, this is a quick easy alternative you can reuse and reuse every day.