How to make a Wig Head Stand have the same Shape as your Head

If you are like me, you have a big head. I mean so big your poor Mama had to have a c-section. On the bright side, there are ways to make your wig head stands have the same shape or at least same size head as you do. For what purpose you may ask? For all those fun wig making projects  you have planned!

I was so grateful to have found a tutorial online about making a wig head fit your head otherwise I think I would of ended up with a wig that looked awkward on my head and not containing enough hair to cover my whole head.

How I did it:

  1. Buy a wig head stand and two rolls of packaging tape from the 99 cent store
  2. Measure your heads circumference (the distance around the crown of your head - effectively if you were wearing a wig cap where the wig hairline would be)
  3. Measure the distance from the front crown of your head to the back of your head (right where your hairline ends)
  4. Using a tape measure, draw a circle around the crown of the wig head
  5. Begin taping around the crown of the wig head, following the line and overlapping tape over and over and over. You should almost use a whole pack of tape doing this and will take about 10 minutes. The thickness of the overlapped tape should eventually equal the circumference of your actual head. Check with the tape measure to make sure.
  6. Next begin wrapping around tape towards the middle of the wig head stand, creating somewhat of a dome shape and keep doing that until the distance between the front crown of your head and back of your head is that same measurement.

And that's it! Pretty easy. Cheap. And took less than 30 minutes. Take comfort in knowing your self-made wigs will not have peek-a-boos of your sideburns, kitchen, or baby hairs in the front!