How to Perm Rod Curl Cuban Twist Crochet Braids

So to end my straightened cuban twist crochet braids journey I was looking forward to finally curling them with the perm rods and I was pleased with the results and how long it lasted without me having to re-dip it at all!

2 weeks in with the curls, 4 weeks total of wearing cuban twist crochet braids

I was kind of expecting to take this curling step especially because I was forewarned that the straightened Double Strand Cuban Twist crochet braids after a couple of weeks (I would say like after 2 weeks) starts to lose luster and 'silkiness' per se. So it was time to put it in a more manageable state.

I would just like to disclaim first and foremost, that this process I think would be so much easier if you start by curling the cuban twist hair around the perm rods and dipping them in hot water before crocheting it in your hair.

The process I am about to explain is for people who already have cuban twist crocheted into their hair and are looking for a way to change up their look! The process is not more difficult so much - it is just that you have to be careful with the hot water when it is near your face (I learned the hard way a while ago and still managed to kinda burn myself this time).

How I Did it:

1. Wrap hair around rods (I used the flesh colored ones that are about a small-medium size, I also think a nice medium size works well too I think). Make sure to comb out that section of hair first before rolling it. I would also start with the back of my head first.

2. Pour boiling water into a coffee mug with a handle and dip about 2 to 3 wrapped perm rods into the water, making sure to use a towel and maybe even some of those yellow kitchen cleaning gloves to protect you from the hot water. CAUTION: Hot water can still drip from the rods after blotting them dry with a towel, so be careful!

3. Once rods are dry (and they take some time - I had to blow dry them to speed up the time!), unravel that hair from each rod.

4. Then unravel/split each curl (think of it as a twist out!). Then boom, you have a new improved and fresh look of a crochet braids style that you have been wearing for two weeks but it looks like the first day you got them installed!