How to Style and Maintain straightened Cuban Twist Crochet Braids


I have been loving (more than hating) this look for the past four weeks. I have also had ample time to experiment with a variety of styles, more than I can do with textured crochet braids


About every 10 days, I would have to comb it out really well with a paddle brush, use a flat iron at about 350 degrees, trim the ends and apply some hair polish. The whole process actually didn't take that long, about 20 minutes or so. This helped give the hair some more body and motion to it.


Side Twist Cuban Twist Crochet Braids

Side Twist

This was my go to style for this kind of hair mostly because I look better with a side part. Just braid or twist a small section hair and pin it underneath some more hair to the side.

Double Side Twists

This was more like the bohemian style of just getting the hair out of your face! Have a middle part and make sure to use the knotless crochet technique to make it look flawless. Take the two braided/twisted strands and tie in the back of your head.






Fish Tail/Side Braid Cuban Twist Crochet Braids

Fishtail/Side Braid

Same concept as what I do with the Long Freetress Deep Twist Crochet Braids. The key is to start twisting or braid the top piece that swoops over your forehead first before braiding the rest of the hair - otherwise the hair fans out along your forehead and you can't see!










Cinnabun top bun cuban twist crochet braids

Cinnabun Top Bun

This one is fun! Definitely wore it mostly going out (even though one day I showed up with it to a client meeting and they were like staring for five minutes!). Got a lot of compliments on it as I wore it out and about. Basically pull the front middle section of your hair over your face, twist it, then curl it on top of your head. I just had to secure it with one pin underneath the bun and that was it. Watch the video above if you need more of a visual aid.