I Want it Now! Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids are a natural styling technique in which hair extensions are added to the client's cornrow base.  The client's hair is first cornrowed, then a latch hook is used to add the hair extensions (source)

I wanted to write today about my desire for wanting yarn braids/genie locs after talking with Lizadidall about it a couple of weeks ago, but when I got to watching some YouTube videos, the ADHD (un-diagnosed) got a hold of me and I saw something about crochet braids!!!

Funny enough I made my first appointment to have my hair trimmed at the Mahogany Hair Revolution Salon in Beverly Hills (rumored to have done Willow Smith's hair) and despite not offering press n' curl/hot iron services they did offer weaving services and I glimpsed upon a fascinating photo:

Mahogany Hair Revolution Weave Service
Mahogany Hair Revolution Weave Service

'What is this?!' I thought...There was no caption but I assumed there was some type of sewing or actually weaving on the cornrows up until the hairline. I know with a lot of weave installations, in order to make the weave look as real as possible there is some hair left out at the top, around the hair line, in the back, etc. I have never had that type of weave, I only had a no hair out type weave installation which I dubbed my cute lil hat - then when it started looked crazy I proclaimed it my rug.

Le Hat before it became Le Rug
Le Hat before it became Le Rug

But I digress - I scoured the internet to find what this technique to sew hair in on cornrows up until your hairline could be? Found nothing and promptly forgot about it - until today...Crochet Braids! Granted I will have to confirm with a Mahogany Hair Revolution Salon stylist when I see them to find out what exactly that weave is but until then I can think about the possibilities.

Mahogany Hair Revolution is an exclusive natural hair studio. (source)

I did some further research and found a wonderful video done by Mamitresses explaining in great detail about Crochet Braids, the type of hair used, and the process to do them.

There are also some other great videos that showcase how to do crochet braids and the various types of hair you can use to do them. I further found information from Crochet Braids by Twana website- she only services the VA tri-state area (sad face) Apparently you can use human hair to crochet the hair in or synthetic hair - which seems the preference of choice, probably because it is inexpensive and doesn't tend to tangle/dread into your hair. You glimpse the types of hair used on Twana's website gallery. I think I am definitely feeling SOL Bohemian ,  Pose-loose Deep Bulk, and Freetress Deep Twist hair types.

My only questions that have not been answered are whether the hair easily gets tangled or dreads with our real hair? How is the taking out process of crochet braids? can you reuse the hair taken out?

In any case I intend to add that to my list of styles (next to box braids, yarn braids, havana twists) to do on the off season from synchronized swimming!