Josephine Baker Short Wig

As you know, I love wigs. Mostly because they are there when you need them in your most desperate of times. I had one of those moments this past weekend where we had another underwater photo shoot early in the morning and we were wearing wigs, which required me to take down my crochet braids. Seems pretty simple right? It was almost two months since I installed the TT30 Bohemian and I was ready for a new look anyway, except for the fact that after the photo shoot I had a wedding to go to.

Cue a trip to the Ebony Wigs and Beauty Supply on Crenshaw. I have some other wigs on reserve including one of my favorites, the lace front. But I thought since it had been two years since I bought my last wig, why not invest in another, shorter one.

My second choice that I ended up not getting 

I love this store precisely because they allow you to try on the wigs (long as you are wearing a wig cap underneath). They have these great big mirrors with great lighting and it's always fun to compare and contrast a variety of wigs with other customers in the store. One of my favorite shopping experiences (and I hate shopping!).

Anyway I settled on this nicely cropped, curled to the side Josephine Baker-reminiscent wig by Vanessa by Fifth Avenue. First time ever buying a wig from this brand but they do a great job in getting enough hair on the side burns part so your own side burns are not left sticking out (it also doesn't help that I have a big head).

I loved this wig so much I wore it again the next night to a reggae party and was tempted to keep on wearing it the following week but I have bigger ambitions with my next project involving making a U-part wig!