Live In the New York area? You Can Now Book An Appointment To Get Crochet Braids

The ball is rolling yall! A lot of readers hail from the New York area and I finally teamed up with my friend Ty to start offering affordable crochet braids in New York! 

Ty is able to do all the standard crochet braids styles with Freetress and whatnot but she really has a talent for doing the straighter synthetic hair crochet braids and styling crochet braids looks (check out the colors as well!!!)

We have a set price of $110 for any crochet braids style - regardless of how big your head is, how much hair you have or what type of crochet hair you choose to wear.

Full crochet braids installation services include cornrow pattern, crochet braids installation, a tailored natural looking part and shaping (trimming and styling the hair to your preference).

What makes us different from other stylists is that we only do crochet braids and we have a lot of experience in doing them, from experimentation to trying out the latest techniques. You can find out more information at the appointments tab above. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! We are hoping to expand these affordable crochet braids services to Atlanta, Washington DC and other cities soon!