Long Freetress Deep Twist Crochet Braids

So for those of you who have been reading, you have probably been wondering why there is a post on Long Freetress Deep Twist Crochet Braids maintenance but not one that reviews and explains the experience in one blog post?! Well here it is (and with some video too - scroll to the bottom). 

If you don't already know I rank Deep Twist as one of my favorite crochet braids styles because it is actually easier to maintain and style than other Freetress hair. Moreover, as you can see above, it holds well in any situation from sweating it out at my birthday in Caribana in Toronto to dancing on a boat in the rain!

Sailing in the Toronto Harbor carefree despite the rain and mist!

How I did it

  1. Although long, I use the same cornrow pattern like I do for all other freetress styles I wear. Some like to do their cornrows straight back in certain areas so they can wear pig tails, wear a center part, side part etc. You know me, I am pretty lazy and easy, so I do the cornrow pattern that has been working for me without any versatility in parts.
  2. I used about 3.5 packs of deep twist hair (three #2 and one #4). I highly recommend if you do blend hair colors to make sure they are similar and put the lighter colors in the back of your head, not the top layers or the hair toward the front of your face, otherwise the color stands out and it comes off looking really fake...I put in one #4 strand every three #2 strands.
  3. I did an 'invisible part' using the beader tool like I normally do
  4. Initially the style will be very poofy and voluminous, so you gotta get it tamed down by either going to get it shaped and trimmed or use some thinning shears.

Nighttime Routine

I started doing this before going to bed and it makes all the difference in the longevity of long freetress deep twist. Twist the hair in sections every night - I have about 8-10 big twists. Wrap it up with a scarf - do not wear you normally comfortable sleeping cap.

Swimming Routine

Usually when I wear this style long I make sure that it is not during synchronized swimming season, but I said what the hell, why not try it and see how long I can go! I have been swimming about 3+ times a week and make sure to have my hair in the 8-10 big twists before putting on my swim cap. This controls all the frizz and craziness in and out of the water. I have never swam with the long freetress deep twist in the water without a swim cap in the ocean or pool but I am sure it does fine, it just probably won't last longer than a month!

Shampoo and Condition Routine

I wash my real hair and the freetress hair like I normally do except I make sure the freetress hair is in big chunky twists (about 8-10) when I wash it. I put on my favorite shampoo net to protect from too much frizzing during the wash. I use cheap conditioner to condition the chunky freetress twists (don't waste your good stuff on some synthetic hair!). Make sure to blow dry your scalp for about 5 minutes after washing your hair, especially with Deep Twist, since it tends to not let your tracks dry as fast.

General Maintenance

Paddle Comb and Wave Nouveau finishing lotion are your best friends for refreshing this hair. I have had some people recommend other products but I am going to be honest, the synthetic wig sprays etc. just make it look too shiny and greasy and ultimately like...a wig. So try using real hair products like mouses and finishing lotions to maintain, especially for deep twist.