The Yoga Collective Online Review

When I first saw the deal for unlimited yoga classes online, I totally freaked. To give some background, I've been doing yoga since high school (about 13 years now) and I am not like a sunrise yoga everyday type of person. Instead I do it about once a week to work on my relaxation, stretch my muscles and give my body a break from hard impact routines I sometimes do at the gym. However, doing it once a week can become expensive and counter-intuitively stressful when trying to drive to your yoga class that might be filled to capacity, lacking accessible parking (the horror), and the level class you want is offered during a time you can't come (possibly due to traffic).

So I decided to get rid of all those terrible factors and buy into the online Yoga Collective classes and it has been wonderful! Like honestly, this might be my favorite online class purchase ever. I really am about efficiency and flexibility with my time and I just love taking a 60 minute level 2+ class whenever I want.

The classes have an instructor and four people taking the class (so you can still side eye and make sure you are doing that particular vinyasa flow sequence correctly). Also the results are amazing, in terms of gaining new knowledge in poses I have never tried in a class before!

Attempting an Eight Angle Pose Arm Balance

I've seen this pose a million times but no classes I have gone to have offered certain poses I have learned from the Collective online! Some more pros are below.


  • Really Really good instructors, that tell you how to adjust your body and what areas to focus on to make sure you are doing the poses/moves correctly
  • Beginner friendly! They have classes that focus on certain poses as simple as downward facing dog
  • Variety. they have classes that range from 1-3+ and time lengths from like 15-60 minutes, and they have a lot of classes (I am still waiting to finish the 2+ level classes)
  • You can stream it right through your TV in the living room


  • No instructor there to fix your body positioning if you are doing something wrong or to help/assist you with your inversions
  • If you don't own yoga blocks I feel like you have to get some (the thick dictionaries are not cutting it for me) 

I do recommend if you have never done yoga before to take some intro classes with an actual instructor just to get the feel for it and to have someone there to correct your poses from the beginning - don't want those bad habits injuring your body in the long term!