My First Hair Weave Experience!


*breathe* *breathe* <pop an advil> *breathe again* That was sort of my mantra as I got my first full head hair weave "installed" this past weekend. It was no picnic for my body nor my wallet. 8 hours in the chair and almost $500 out of my wallet. small little bumps cropping up near my cornrows and soreness on the top of my head. Is it all complaints? In the beginning yes, but after the soreness fades away, the advil finally stowed away in the medicine cabinet and the end of the month pay day makes you feel better about your funds, its not half bad at all! especially when faced with the prospect of not having to fret over your real hair for essentially the next 2 to 3 months!

My first impressions? Well I have to say I admire ladies who do this all year around for most of their lives because it took a toll on me mentally and physically. Then again my hairdresser might be more of a perfectionist when it comes to doing hair while I saw other hair dressers do three to five weaves during my one session there! It might also be that full head weaves take a little bit more time since none of my real hair was being used/exposed.

I really enjoy being able to use a hot iron over and over again on the hair without using a heat protectant and without having to worry about the safety and damages heat can do to my hair! yay! I became really elated when I pressed my bangs this morning after working out and i heard that dreaded hissing noise from the dampness still on the hair and I was like, "oh well! at least its not my hair suffering!".

I do find myself wondering if people notice that I am wearing a weave and then I begin to not care knowing that people think I have some sort of hair extensions when I get my hair pressed! It doesn't really make a difference in this day in age when enhancements in the body, eye lashes, lips, breasts, butts, etc are just apart of typical everyday life now.

I do miss a simple pony-tail to get the hair off the back of my neck (especially when working out). I miss not having bangs on my forehead when I am washing my face and exercising.

I love having glamour-ready hair to go out on the town with (not worried about manipulating some 3 week old twists into a club banger hairstyle lol). I love not fretting over wasting money on a press and curl when I want to dance or go work out; now I can just go do it then press it all over again without worrying about breakage of my own hair.

Before I got my first weave this weekend, I googled some stories/background advice about what to expect/what is done when you get a full head weave and there was not much information out there. So I just wanted to give an idea of how the process went to install my weave for those interested in getting a weave for the first time or don't really know how it's done:

I got blow dryed out after a lengthy shampooing and conditioning (including a deep conditioning) - all of this was in preparation for my hair to be essentially stuck under a cap for the next several months.

Cornrowed up. I am red in the face only because my scalp is so white lol. Definitely the most painful/uncomfortable part of the whole experience. Don't let my smile fool ya.

Then a net/mesh cap was sewn onto my head. This apparently helps with not only the extensions not being sewn onto you actual tracks but also to keep the weave in place while your hair is continuing to grow under the weave.

Some of the first tracks installed. It actually started to look like my actual hair when it is pressed out oddly enough lol.

After most of the hair is installed.Almost finished. I wanted bangs with a peak. I was still unsatisfied with the length, so I went for shorter.

And the final look! I plan on changing the hair style two more times before I finally take it out, I want to go extra short with a tapered back like I always wanted but never dared to do with my real hair. I will continue to keep you updated about my first weave experience!