New Cornrow Pattern for Crochet Braids!

Since I started doing crochet braids almost four years ago, I have gone through about two cornrow patterns to do most of my styles but as of now I have come to really like a new one (with some subtle changes from the pattern I used to do). 

The biggest change is not in the front but the back! Instead of doing the whole back of the head as a beehive, I added some cornrows that are vertical that feed into the beehive.

Why? Well a couple of reasons.

1. I was having major lint buildup in the 'kitchen' part of my neck from the growth of my hair while in the cornrows for about two months. Growth is great but as a result the cornrows became looser and it became easier to trap lint in my fine kinky hair. It becomes a tedious mess to get out during the take down process.

2. Alleviates tension. So I am sure many people get those raised bumps on the back of their neck no matter how loosely someone braids. Even slight tension on one of those precious strands of hair can be so annoying, painful and sore for a couple of days after first getting cornrows. With the vertical cornrows I don't have to worry about that anymore.

3. Cleaner ponytails and buns. This reason is probably the one I care about the least, mostly because I don't wear the hair long that often nor do I put it up when I do. But I have seen pictures of wearing it vertical really aids in the natural look of a crochet braids updo, especially the braids and locs crochet braids style (my post-synchronized swimming crochet braids look soon to come!)