New & Improved Website!

Hello Again! It has been awhile since I last did a post and its because I have been renovating the site. Here are some of the changes and new additions:

  • I tailored the site to be more niche specific focusing on natural and organic hair and body care, with occasional posts on food and fun events. To read more about the new direction of the site, check out the About page.
  • The website will be more blog focused from highlighting products for the hair, skin, and body to my experiments with making products from scratch.
  • I added Face & Body and Cosmetics tabs with organic product and website suggestions
  • I will also try to have a guest blogger once a month to give a different perspective on anything from hair care maintenance to social issues
  • I have also made it easier for readers to comment on blog posts

I am very excited for the upcoming year and sharing my natural hair care journey in all aspects of my life and the lives of others!