New Products: Unscented, Green tea and apple Pie Handcrafted Herbal Soaps

I have been soap making for almost two and half years now and most of the time I have been making them for myself and giving them away to friends (not to mention I was building a large customer base through my godmother's friends at the donut shop down the street!). I thought in the new year I would make these naturally scented and colored herbal soaps that use organic ingredients available to everyone (and stop the peddling at the corner store).

Introducing Green Tea Soap, Unscented Soap, and Apple Pie Soap

Unscented Soap

I can't say enough how much this is my favorite soap. I am a very functional person when it comes to hygiene and after suffering so much from irritations (especially with the delicate parts on your body) and even eczema with using other soaps out there on the market, I decided to start making fragrance-free natural soaps with organic ingredients. Great for the face and body and it is the one thing I use all the time without any issues or complications.

Unscented Natural Soap

Apple pie soap

I have been making samples of this soap for so long, it is by far everybody's favorite. Believe it or not, starting to make scented soaps was the biggest challenge for me, not because it was hard to do but because it was a deviation from my normally functional proceedings when it comes to soap (simple unscented soap please!). Nonetheless if I was going to do scented soap I was going to stick to organic ingredients to not only scent the soap but also color the soap - nothing artificial. Apple juice being my favorite drink in the world I made Apple Pie soap - has a great alluring scent without being overpowering.

Apple Pie Soap

green tea soap

I had to do some type of soap to pay homage to my years in Tokyo, in addition to find a subtly scented soap for those of us that do not like stronger scents. It definitely is more earthy smelling and the most unique thing about this soap is the use of organic Japanese green (sencha) herbal tea to make this soap. Truly an herbal crafted soap.

Green TEa Soap

Stay tuned for more products coming out this year from natural liquid soaps to shave soaps!