Product Review: As I Am Curling Jelly

My first encounter with the As I Am Curling Jelly was unintentional. I was at my local salon after getting my first weave out and since I was running out of time and money, I just wanted my hair styled in a simple wash n’ go with whatever curl defining product my stylist had on hand - I didn’t even care if it was full of sulfates and silicones, I needed to be at work in 45 minutes!

 The only other As I Am product that I use is their Curl Clarity shampoo, which I am in love with and it is one of As I Am’s few products that doesn't contain preservatives and some other chemicals I'm not fond of. With that said I was expecting since As I Am seemed to specialized in the ‘curl’, it should be able to accomplish the wash n’ go look at least for me to survive the 8-hr day at work.

As I Am curling jelly
As I Am curling jelly

My stylist parted my freshly washed hair in rows, starting from the bottom and applied some of the product to each row. It made a wonderful big curl pattern that my stylist became excited about and even suggested for her daughter standing next to her to try it out! So i felt relieved that at least I would be going to work looking somewhat decent despite never having used this product before.

 After about 15 minutes she was done applying the product to my hair and it made a nice wash n’ go style - a little better that the ones I normally do with Shea Moisture Curling Souffle because she actually applies it to small sections of my hair (my lazy butt just takes out my braids and rakes the product through the hair in about 3 minutes). I got a lot of compliments on this wash n’ go style while in the salon and was happy that it turned out looking decent!

Three hours later, back in the office, my worst nemesis that afflicts my hair - the evil dryness - started taking over. Now I have experienced various levels of dryness in my lifetime, I believe I'm almost an expert as much as a victim, but the dryness was akin to what I experienced with the Just Natural Organic Care Herbal Gel for Curly Hair - excessively dry.

When I got home, instead of just putting on my night cap, going to bed, waking up and spraying some water to refresh the wash n’ go, I had to wash and braid my hair for bed that very night! It was unsavable, dry, and dangerously tangled with my fine, easily breakable strands. All in all, that one time use was enough to make me never want to try it again under any circumstances. It also made me realize that gels without any moisturizing components are just not the right product for my hair either.