Product Review: Camille Rose Naturals Curlaide Moisture Butter

Camille Rose Naturals Curlaid Moisture Butter

Camille Rose Naturals Curlaide Moisture Butter is my go-to twisting product when I have run out of or don't have time to make a fresh batch of my homemade flax seed gel. I found it thicker than the Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting butter, but works just the same especially if you have thick kinky hair like mine.

Fat Twist out
Fat Twist out

The Curlaid Moisture butter product definitely has more moisture retention. My twists are soft several days after the fact whereas I didn't find that with the Camille Rose twisting butter - maybe because it was lighter and less greasy in a way.

I have also been using this product for moisturizing my cornrows underneath my crochet braids using 1 part water, 1 part product in an applicator bottle.

Camille Rose products are so much easier to get now than ordering online like what I had to do two years ago. I got mine at Target. The only problem I still have with the products is that it uses the dreaded phenoxyethanol which I don't like as much but other than that this is a strong backup moisture product to have if you don't have any of your home made stuff rearing to go.