Product Review: Jamaican Mango and Lime Pure Naturals Coconut Butter Creme

Hey guys! It has been awhile since I have done a product review and it has also been awhile since I have had my hair out and about! Mostly because it is getting long (that can be a bad thing) and the tangle game is no fun when you hair is struggling to maintain some sense of itself in and out of chlorine water 75% of the year.

With that said, literally on the last day of my national synchronized swimming competition, I unbraided my crochet braids cornrow pattern  (from a previous style) and just Felt so freeing. I didn't really wanna think about the combing process that would come later in the week. I did however worry about what I was gonna put in my hair to make it feel moisturized while wearing it out.

I have recently been upset with some of the shea moisture products, most notably the flax seed hair gel base curling gel souffle. I like the Sheamoisture products in general because their ingredient list is bomb, mostly toxic free and just great natural ingredients for an affordable price. However since I was looking for a quick reliable fix, I knew that the Cantu products work very well for my hair, mostly because of the silicones and all the bad stuff I hate putting on my hair and body, works so well for this hair. However, when I entered this suburban Orlando, Florida beauty shop I was recommended the Jamaican Mango and Lime Pure Naturals Coconut Butter Creme

Jamaican Mango and Lime Pure Naturals Coconut Butter Creme

Jamaican Mango and Lime Pure Naturals Coconut Butter Creme

I was skeptical at first because this product had nothing toxic or bad in it according to my toxic cosmetic ingredient list! I was by far impressed and with a recommendation from a natural hair girl at the beauty shop, I was sold and so far I have been loving it! I also was a fan of their castor oils (I have rosemary and lavender) which I use as an oil for my scalp while my hair is in crochet braids.

What I like about it in comparison to the Sheamoisture and Cantu Products is the texture. It is not too runny like the Sheamoisture gel nor is it thick and gelatinous like the Cantu Products. It definitely feels more like a creme. My hair didn't feel crunchy or anything after it dried. Definitely use a diffuser if you want to avoid shrinkage. About every day or every other day I had my spray bottle ready in the mornings to re-wet and mold my hair into what it was going to be that day and usually I had to add some more product (because my hair runs naturally dry, compounded by the fact it is in drying pool water around 10 times a month). I found it held the curl well and my hair was still malleable enough at the end of the night to twist it up. 

The only drawback I found to the product was the drying time for the product took awhile. Not so much in terms of your hair being damp but more so because the product goes on white and take awhile for the hair to absorb it. It might take up to an hour! So definitely apply it before you leave the house with plenty of time or just rub it in more, unlike a lazy me.