Product Review: Just Natural Organic Care Vinegar Rinse Cleanser

I think everyone should have a some sort of Clarifying or Chelating shampoo at home because there are just days when regular organic/natural shampoos don't do the job i.e. removing chlorine and other minerals from the hair. Sometimes there are also days where I have applied layers upon layers of product and even though I have shampooed or co-washed it about once a week, at the end of the month your hair still feels dirty! I have As I Am Curl Clarity Shampoo which I am more than satisfied with, but I also wanted to try these infamous Apple Cider Vinegar rinses. I know a lot of people use them for dandruff control but I also heard through the blogging grapevine that they are also great clarifying shampoos. I decided to try it out with the Just Natural Organic Care Vinegar Rinse Cleanser , just because I am kind of adverse to pouring apple cider vinegar by itself through my hair - I came to this conclusion when I made my toner and the smell in the kitchen was like sweaty sour feet mixed with some months old unwashed gym socks (sorry for the explicit details) - suffice to say it was just not pleasant and the last thing I wanted was this type of smell stuck in my hair.

Vinegar Rinse Cleanser
Vinegar Rinse Cleanser

Although I have overall been pretty disappointed with the Just Natural Organic Care hair products line, this product appealed to me because it was sort of like a shampoo/cleanser with chelating agents to remove product buildup. The cleanser does work up a pretty good lather for an all natural ingredient cleanser and you can instantly smell the vinegar, but it is not too pungent. The product works so well that I feel like it removes the product buildup and whatever moisture you might have left in your hair, so you definitely, definitely, definitely have to followup with some sort of deep conditioner with some added heat, otherwise you hair is going to be dry^4 (dry to the fourth power).

The first time I used this product, I was pleased but had to condition really well - I even did a deep condition a couple of days later. Another time I used it was before I did a henna treatment and that was a mistake. Henna in itself can be very drying to your hair depending on the brand you use. I personally use Mehandi Ancient Sunrise Henna for American Hair and I love it. It is not too drying when I just apply the henna and follow up with a deep conditioner, but when I used the Just Natural Organic Care Vinegar Rinse Cleanser before the henna treatment my hair was still dry after a long deep condition. It was dry that whole week and into the next week. Never doing that again.

The Just Natural Organic Care Vinegar Rinse Cleanser does its job by removing product buildup but don't use it in conjunction with other products that might dry your hair out even more i.e. doing a press and curl right after a vinegar rinse - makes my skin cringe to think how dry my scalp would be. I do still prefer the  As I Am Curl Clarity Shampoo because it is not as harsh as the vinegar and my hair has a propensity to be just naturally dry.