Product Review: Mountain Rose Herbs Facial Rose Wash

Facial Rose Wash
Facial Rose Wash

Today I wanted to do my first cosmetic product review just because I felt like raving about something - Mountain Rose Herbs Facial Rose Wash. It's rare for me to be so satisfied with a product and stick to it (we see my dilemma with hair products...) but with this face wash I can't make myself try something else. This is pretty much my default face wash...possibly forever. It gets the job done without the chemicals and breaking the bank (US$10.95).

This facial wash is unfortunately not available in stores, but you can purchase from the Mountain Rose Herbs website (it's like an apothecary's dream!). I usually purchase some other items along with the face wash like Nepali Green Tea, Rosemary Essential oil (great natural preservative for hair product concoctions), and Goldenseal leaf powder (great for treating acne).

What I like about the product is that even though it comes out slightly watery (make sure to cup your hand) it lathers up great on your face. When you wash it off, your face has the squeaky clean feeling without the tightness. That is the part I love! The light rose scent is not overpowering either.

I am tempted to start making my own concoctions with a mix of castille soap, rose water, and rose oil just because it can become a hassle to always buy it online, pay for shipping (no mins or maxs for qualifying for free shipping), and wait for the package to arrive. However, Mountain Rose Herbs Facial Rose Wash is just the right consistency of all ingredients to deliver a great lather and refreshing face that it might be hard to recreate by myself.