Protecting Natural Hair while Swimming

Only one thing has changed in my routine before, during and after swimming in chlorinated water. Thanks to that article I found on Hair Liberty, I have been able to keep my hair in manageable condition, especially since chlorine characteristically makes my hair dry and breakable (shoutout to that 4a/4b fine dry hair!). I still am swimming and doing synchronized swimming about twice a week and I am still keeping up using a shampoo with EDTA in it to wash out the chlorine molecules and I always wear a Lycra orSilicone Swim CapI got lazy, because that tends to happen when I am dealing with my hair, and stopped rinsing my hair with regular water before jumping in the pool. Instead I thought of another pre-swim step that has literally saved my hair.


Period. It hit me one day as I was taking this free physiology course online and studying the chemistry section, I realize that oil is obviously not soluble with water (repels water), so I figured why won't I douse my hair in coconut oil before hitting the pool?

Natural Hair Swimming
Natural Hair Swimming

And I swear it has worked wonders. I don't even have to deep condition my hair after every pool swim. It is soft and retains the curl pattern. I am not sure if this is new knowledge for some of you but it definitely was an epiphany for me and working in my favor. I am putting in some crochet braids next week and I will be doing the same thing except applying the coconut oil with an applicator bottle.