Silky-N-Yaky Synthetic Hair Spray for Crochet Braids - Review and Maintenance

So I thought Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion would be the end all and be all for all my crochet braids maintenance woes but my good friend who I got hooked on crochet braids introduced me to a great product that is saving my life with this hair!!

Silky-n-Yaky Synthetic Hair Conditioner and Detangler is AHHHH-mazing!! Full disclosure it contains some ingredients I am not a fan of i.e. Dimethicone, Parabens, Yellow #5 and Blue #1. But! I find spraying sparingly around my head (a total of 6 puffs usually) makes a big difference in maintaining crochet braids styles (especially Deep Twist!).

My process is basically the same as how I comb and maintain long freetress deep twist crochet braids. Except I find this process is faster and easier! Spray, paddle comb and ready to go. The best part is that the hair doesn't curl back looking like its right out the package, but instead stays separated and flow-y. The only drawback with the product is that it has to be applied more often than the wave nouveau product which gives more of a shine and bounce. Wave Nourveau is also a heavier product when applied hence it lasts longer.