Tip of the Day: Stop Shredding that Hair Shaft - The Beauty of (Bone) Seamless Combs

So as I was finishing up The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, which I am going to review later this week, and I learned about the dangers of combing your hair with those everyday plastic combs you pick up from the around the corner beauty supply.  Did anyone ever notice those 'seams' that outline the teeth and handle of the comb? Well those seams, quite simply, can do damage/shred the hair shaft, especially delicate and fragile african-american/black hair follicles I definitely have about 6 combs in my drawer in the bathroom including a $25 detangler comb - and ALL have these jagged seams! The author, Ms. Davis Sivasothy, and stylists like Diane Da Costa recommend using bone combs or combs that specifically say seamless. The More You Know!