New Curly Website: I stumbled upon this website, which is also a non-profit, dedicated to celebrating and embracing natural hair! It is especially informative for anybody considering transitioning from chemically treated hair to natural hair.

I especially love how the site touched upon black women, hair and exercise. I'm the biggest advocate for working out in some way no matter what type of hair style you rock. You shouldn't put your health at risk because of the hair on your head!

Read more for Black Women Do Workout

Weave Chronicles: Day 50 - a look back

Dreamgirls Hair Salon (Culver City, CA) featured me on their facebook page! This is when I got my hair cut around Day 20. It also seemed like the day I had 2 hours of sleep! A lot has changed since then, especially since my real hair has been growing like crazy and my sideburns are starting to slightly rise revealing my curly Q's underneath - yikes!! I was hoping I could go at least 2.5 months but because of the side burns I think I can only go a solid two months. Even greasing down my edges has proved a failure. The only other option is to take a blade/shaver to my sideburns and that won't be happening!

Weave Chronicles: Day 42 - Do they know?

As I have settled into rocking a weave, I sometimes wonder in various they know I am wearing a weave?! This odd paranoia bordering my own curiosity about people's thoughts comes out in various situations. Situation 1: At club talking to a guy. His eyes are constantly wondering to the top of my head. At first I think maybe he is admiring the awesome short bowl cut I have, but then I break into a sweaty, uncomfortably fear - he is gonna find out I have a weave! *yelp* quick, run into the darker recesses of the club!

Situation 2: In the gym locker room while I peel the sweaty clothes off my body, ruffling my hair in the process. I take the blow dryer to dry out the front and back parts. I catch a side-eye from an octogenarian on a cane - *dun dun dunnnn* granny knows!!!

Situation 3: At the Chiropractor as the doctor takes an 'ultra sound' of my neck. The doctor mentions, "I love your hair, it reminds me of Demi Moore from Ghost". I say, "ha, thanks". OMG she is close enough to see my tracks from under my hair! This compliment is a lie!!!

These situations all occurred within the first month of my weave wearing experience.  Now I have evolved into openly scratching my head and fixing parts of my weave in public...and in front of my boss, my co-worker, the Nordstrom's Rack Sales Clerk... having little regard for what they see, what they think, or what they eventually want to say. and I kinda like it that way!

I'm happy to say I am paranoid free and more comfortable with walking around with my short do. I wish I took this 'who cares' attitude earlier - it would of saved me a lot of time deep in thought analyzing something out of nothing.

Happy Friday!


Wish List: Hair Steamer

So ever since I finished reading, Textured Tresses: The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining and Styling Natural Hairby Diane Da Costa, I have been kind of obsessing and wishing for a hair steamer. I really enjoy taking an hour on my sundays, glooping tons of deep conditioner on my hair and sitting under a hair dryer (soft bonnet) thinking how all those moisturizing agents are making my hair softer and easier to manage as time goes by! Hair steamers from what I have read seem to do the same thing in terms of deep conditioning, but you can also add essential oils and other ingredients to help with scalp issues, according to Da Costa. Coming from the perspective of a drier texture of hair, I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these to try it out since I feel my hair is always thirsty! If it doesn't wind up wrapped in a box under the xmas tree, I think I will mostly likely purchase Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer through amazon for $79.99. According to reviews, the amount of water it can hold steams for about 15 minutes. The steamers that are actually on stands run into the $100s and above. My reasoning is that I will try it out to see if I like it first before investing in a pricier version - plus this version allows for facial steaming as well to clear out all those clogged pores.

Weave Chronicles: Day 35

Has it been a little over a month already??! Feels like 6 months! Can't say my lazy butt has missed combing out my hair every two weeks with coconut and avocado oils, BUT I sometimes wish for my old big hair, poof and all! Nonetheless, two weeks ago I accomplished my life long goal of getting a short hair cut and wa-lah!

I am happy with it. Sometimes I wish I could mousse it up and do a cool cockatoo hairstyle or maybe some halle berry stylization but how you see it pretty much what it is 24/7. I have to say, extra short hair ranks #1 when going to the gym just go! No more forgetting your hair tie at home and/or dealing with hair brushing around on your sweaty face! Dries pretty fast too, even for a weave. I quickly blow dry the back and front and within two minutes the hair has dried (tracks are probably still damp though).

I also washed it last weekend and even though it is not as beach wavy as when the weave was shoulder length, it still has its charm

But sometimes I feel like I look like a character from Scott Pilgrim Saves the World lol


Weave Chronicles: Day 12

So it has been about 12 days since I had my first weave installed and I have to say I am more upbeat and positive about it! Maybe because the cornrows have loosened up and I actually got to wash my hair this past weekend which felt sinfully amazing! Cool water going in and out of my cornrows, followed by some diluted shampoo I put in between my tracks with an applicator – lets just say I definitely paid more attention to my hair underneath than what was sewn on top. I did follow up with a deep conditioner because I want to keep my hair underneath as healthy as possible! Unfortunately I forgot the type of conditioner I use I think is tailored more for thicker and coarser hair types to provide intense softening and conditioning – it actually took me longer to wash it out of the weaved in hair than I was expecting.

After about an hour of sitting under a hooded hair dryer to dry my tracks as much as possible (I’m so scared about getting a scalp infection/moldy hair after what my hair stylist told me about wet tracks!), I really liked the light beach waves effect of the hair after it was dried. I liked it even better than the straightened hair style!!! For one I don’t have to worry about re-straightening my bangs every time I work out at the gym! I also found that it suited my personality better because I am rather a fan of more volume and of course natural waves and curls – even if it’s not the real hair on my head that is naturally wavy! :P


Tip of the Day: Stimulate your Scalp for Healthy Hair Growth

So I have read several natural black hair books and e-books and many have suggested ways to stimulate your scalp to promote healthy hair growth. In one book they even went so far as to suggest doing some headstands or hanging your head off the bed for 5 minutes each day. At first I was kind of like, 'pshhh yeah right' but then I saw other books recommending similar if not better ways to stimulate your scalp to encourage growth. Many of us might resort to using creams, pills, shampoos that make your scalp tingle, etc to promote hair growth. The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Caresuggests massaging the scalp daily.Natural Woman / Natural Hair: A Hair Journey, Hairstyles and Hairstories From the Front with simple step-by-step instructions on taking care of your natural hairsuggests performing headstands to promote blood circulation to the scalp in order to stimulate hair follicles. Textured Tresses: The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining and Styling Natural Hairrecommends massaging the scalp before bed and using certain essential oils while steaming your hair.



Tip of the Day: Stop Shredding that Hair Shaft - The Beauty of (Bone) Seamless Combs

So as I was finishing up The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, which I am going to review later this week, and I learned about the dangers of combing your hair with those everyday plastic combs you pick up from the around the corner beauty supply.  Did anyone ever notice those 'seams' that outline the teeth and handle of the comb? Well those seams, quite simply, can do damage/shred the hair shaft, especially delicate and fragile african-american/black hair follicles I definitely have about 6 combs in my drawer in the bathroom including a $25 detangler comb - and ALL have these jagged seams! The author, Ms. Davis Sivasothy, and stylists like Diane Da Costa recommend using bone combs or combs that specifically say seamless. The More You Know!

Saving Our Do's from some Women's Kryptonite - Sweat!

Normally a girl likes to wear her hair in it's natural state.  Partially because she is too lazy to blow it out, partially because it's healthier and partially because she can get her dose of power out to the people.  Sometimes though, when she's feeling a bit saucy, she likes to let it flow.  Maybe she feels saucy pretty often ;) (maybe twice a month).   When this happens, the last thing she wants is some damn sweat from her daily workout messing with her swag.  After praying day and night for her swag-saving hero,  it has finally arrived.  Thanks to Nicole Ari Parker (the wife of super cutie Boris Kodjoe), women everywhere can rejoice for frizz-free hair after workouts.  The Save Your Do head wrap prevents us creative hairstyle chicks from using any of the following excuses for why they cant work out ever again:  1. I just got my hair done! You know I need those five days.  2. I have a date tonight, I gotta keep my kitchen in check. 3. Oh no, I am not trying to sweat my hair out, I just flat ironed this last night. Now ladies, Save Your Do (SYD) is not 100% perfect, don't get too TOO excited.  If you take no prisoners at the gym and are an aggressive sweat-er (like me) then your edges may still curl up a tiny bit.  Honestly I was a little p/o'd upon discovering this.  BUT....with a little balm before using SYD and a quick, light blow dry on those edges I was good to go!  Don't take my word for it though, visit Save Your Do to check one out for yourself.  Oh and, for all of us princesses, they do come in pink.  Let me know what you think!

Love, Veggies and Sweat, Brocollete

The Weave! Friend or Foe to Natural Hairlistas?

So I was tempted to write a review about my favorite deep conditioner today but I was more excited at the moment of composing this post about something else - something many people consider the anti-thesis and arch nemesis of natural hair, the self-identity destroyer, the bank robber - the weave... When some friends and I put together we made it with the intention of not only celebrating natural hair and natural products but to also acknowledge the diversity of textures and styles natural hair can embody.

I have been natural all my life and it has not been easy as an ex-swimmer with 4a and 4b classified hair. Chlorine, sun exposure, and general negligence wreaked havoc on my poor hair most of my life (I am 25 now). Not only did the volume of my hair decrease but I was the dreaded once a year, 5 hour in the salon chair client, with the beautician tirelessly cutting away at 4 inches of splits ends. The strenuous academic schedule I endured cut down on time that I actually spent thinking about when and how I should care for my hair (I sometimes would wash my hair once every two weeks after swimming everyday in the sun for 14 days! eek!).

In recent years I have come to understand the importance of caring for the strands I have left on my head. I understand that I am not going to be one of those people who wake up in the morning run a comb through it and go on my merry way. Natural hair or any hair care for that matter takes time, energy, and sometimes some extra bicep strength to comb through those back kitchen parts.

You would think after reading this personal story, how can this be a post having to do with anything about weaves?! I am actually wondering that myself lol. What started as a "excited to share post" has evolved into more of a personal reflection which is necessary to understand my position on weaves. My ultimate philosophy in life is "Do whatever makes you happy" long as it doesn't endanger you or others around you. This philosophy also applies to weaves despite what critics have to say about how some women have their identity and whole being wrapped up in what is sewed on their head and flowing down their back. Although that might be true of some unfortunate souls who are "slaves" to the weave and equate self-confidence and beauty with their hair - for those of us that aren't concerned with that, there is no harm in trying a weave out! Which is exactly what I am doing!

While talking with the my beautician today as she was blow drying and trimming my ends, I confessed how I always wanted to rock an awesome, halle berry inspired, edgy, swaggerific, attitude-toting, short hair cut. She was kind of confounded about what was stopping me and I was equally as confused as well. I can do anything with my hair if I want to spend the time, energy and sometimes the $$$ to make it happen! I felt so empowered not because I was scheduled to get my first weave, but because I now had the time, energy, and a little mullah to do what every makes me and my tresses happy.

Check out some of the styles I am running through my head below!