The Weave! Friend or Foe to Natural Hairlistas?

So I was tempted to write a review about my favorite deep conditioner today but I was more excited at the moment of composing this post about something else - something many people consider the anti-thesis and arch nemesis of natural hair, the self-identity destroyer, the bank robber - the weave... When some friends and I put together we made it with the intention of not only celebrating natural hair and natural products but to also acknowledge the diversity of textures and styles natural hair can embody.

I have been natural all my life and it has not been easy as an ex-swimmer with 4a and 4b classified hair. Chlorine, sun exposure, and general negligence wreaked havoc on my poor hair most of my life (I am 25 now). Not only did the volume of my hair decrease but I was the dreaded once a year, 5 hour in the salon chair client, with the beautician tirelessly cutting away at 4 inches of splits ends. The strenuous academic schedule I endured cut down on time that I actually spent thinking about when and how I should care for my hair (I sometimes would wash my hair once every two weeks after swimming everyday in the sun for 14 days! eek!).

In recent years I have come to understand the importance of caring for the strands I have left on my head. I understand that I am not going to be one of those people who wake up in the morning run a comb through it and go on my merry way. Natural hair or any hair care for that matter takes time, energy, and sometimes some extra bicep strength to comb through those back kitchen parts.

You would think after reading this personal story, how can this be a post having to do with anything about weaves?! I am actually wondering that myself lol. What started as a "excited to share post" has evolved into more of a personal reflection which is necessary to understand my position on weaves. My ultimate philosophy in life is "Do whatever makes you happy" long as it doesn't endanger you or others around you. This philosophy also applies to weaves despite what critics have to say about how some women have their identity and whole being wrapped up in what is sewed on their head and flowing down their back. Although that might be true of some unfortunate souls who are "slaves" to the weave and equate self-confidence and beauty with their hair - for those of us that aren't concerned with that, there is no harm in trying a weave out! Which is exactly what I am doing!

While talking with the my beautician today as she was blow drying and trimming my ends, I confessed how I always wanted to rock an awesome, halle berry inspired, edgy, swaggerific, attitude-toting, short hair cut. She was kind of confounded about what was stopping me and I was equally as confused as well. I can do anything with my hair if I want to spend the time, energy and sometimes the $$$ to make it happen! I felt so empowered not because I was scheduled to get my first weave, but because I now had the time, energy, and a little mullah to do what every makes me and my tresses happy.

Check out some of the styles I am running through my head below!